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Path Valley Speedway Results

By Rob Keller

Nathan Shaw, Mini Stock winner Nathan Shaw, Mini Stock winner The All-American Outlaws and the Central PA Legends touring series joined the regular divisions of 4- Cylinder Thunder Cars, 270cc Micro Sprints and 600cc Micro Sprints on Saturday night at Path Valley Speedway.

The “Myers Boys,” Cory and Chad, started first and second in the 270cc Micro Sprint feature and ran that way, with Cory leading the way the first twelve laps. The handling started to go away on Cory’s ride, and Chad took over the top spot on Lap 13. Chad Myers stayed in control to the finish, beating Colby Dice and Chad Thomas. Cory Myers faded to a fourth-place finish with Jason Houtz in fifth.

It was another family affair front row in the All- American Outlaw feature, with Fred Cullum on the pole and Justin Cullum starting second. They ran the first few laps side-byside, and Justin finally took control using the high groove. The pair ran nearly bumper-to-bumper until Lap 10. Brittany Coleman had got a flat front tire and was attempting to get to the pit area when the leaders caught her. They did not realize she was trying to exit the track and tried to go around her. Justin realized what was happening and got on the brakes hard to avoid a major crash. Fred was able to pull to the inside and make what proved to be the winning pass. Justin recovered in time to hold on to second, holding off Brooks Coleman, Hunter Nester, and Scott Jorda.

The Central PA Legends were at Path Valley Speedway for the second consecutive night. Vernon Houseman set the pace for the first three laps until Rick Miller took control on Lap 4. Miller led the rest of the way to claim the win. Scott Gobrecht rallied in the closing laps but came up a few car lengths short at the finish. Third through fifth went to Bill Diehl, Jacob Feltch and Chris Spidle.

In the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature Justin Rasp was able to beat Raymond Middaugh to turn one on the start to grab the lead. Middaugh continually hounded Rasp, looking to his inside nearly every turn. But Rasp used the momentum of the high groove to retain the lead, leading all 20 laps for the win. Kyle Martin finished third, ahead of Dalton Mc- Quade and Robert Mc- Quade.

They say you can’t win a race on the first lap but a good start sure can help. Chandler Leiby started fourth in the 600cc Micro Sprint feature but immediately went to the top spot on Lap 1. Timmie Barrick started farther back and it took him a few laps to make his way to the runner-up spot. After the restart on lap four Leiby stretched his lead out to nearly a straightaway by the halfway mark and the gap remained fairly consistent the last half. The win is Leiby’s first of the year at Path Valley. Barrick has now strung together several top five finishes, including last weeks win and a second place this week. Frankie Peters, Gunnar Layton, and Kameron Morral completed the top five.

Friday night was a fivedivision show at Path Valley Speedway with the Legends joining the four regular stock car divisions, 4- Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, Street Stocks and Super Stocks.

In the Street Stock division, Ken Singer dominated the night, first winning the heat race and then leading all 20 laps to win the feature. Three drivers battled for second and each one of them spun out once during the event. Steve Lowery was able to separate himself from the other two and finished second. Josh Gustaf took third from Randy Wible with two laps remaining.

The 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature was almost a mirror image of last Saturday night’s event. Justin Rasp started first and beat Josh Walstrum to turn one for the lead. Rasp ran the high groove while Walstrum worked down low. Walstrum finally made the pass for the lead on Lap 5. Then the leaders swapped lines, with Walstrum running high and Rasp low. Rasp lost several car lengths while running in the low groove, but once he moved back up he closed the gap. With just a few laps remaining, Rasp caught Walstrum and began to look to the inside. Rasp made one final attempt on the final turn but had to brake to avoid contact and settled for second. Greg Moore, Chase Shaw and Shawn Fessler completed the top five. Shaw was the heat race winner.

Chris McKinney led the fifteen-car field of Legends to the green and set the pace the first five laps. McKinney was fending off challenges from Bill Diehl when Scott Gobrecht drove by both of them in one move to take the lead on Lap 6. Diehl got by McKinney a lap later and continued to pressure the leader. Meanwhile Bob Stough was working his way forward and was in third when the final caution waved on Lap 14. After the restart Gobrecht and Diehl battled for the middle and bottom grooves, and Stough found speed in the high groove. Stough drove around Diehl for second on Lap 15 and then around Gobrecht for the lead a lap later. All three stayed within a car length the rest of the way, and Stough claimed his first win at Path Valley this year. Gobrecht and Diehl finished second and third, with McKinney in fourth and Chris Spidle fifth. Heat race checkers went to Brad Mellott and Gobrecht.

What a difference one week can make. Just last Friday Nathan Shaw was disqualified for an illegal part after finishing second. This week Shaw took the lead from Troy Cramer on Lap 2 and held back all challengers, including seven restarts. The win is Shaw’s first after changing from 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars to Mini Stocks a few weeks ago. Chris Anderson passed the most cars, coming from starting 10th to finish second. Ronnie Garlock spun-out on Lap 7, but made his way back to third when the checkered flag fell. Gary Dehart finished fourth and Jason Pecho was fifth in his first start in the Mini Stocks. Shaw and Garlock also won the heat races.

Adam Imes started on the pole for the Super Stock feature and led the way for 16 laps. A caution on Lap 17 bunched the field for a restart and put Curtis Guyer on Imes’ back bumper. Entering turn three, Guyer got the nose of his Monte Carlo inside of Imes. They made contact and Imes slid high while Guyer drove by. Imes gave chase and tried to make the same move on the final lap, but Guyer held the bottom line and took his second win this year. Kenny Hill passed Tony Verno on the final lap to place third, and Austin Johnson came home fifth.

June 22 results

Street Stock: 1. Ken Singer ( Robertsdale), 2. Steve Lowery, 3. Josh Gustaf, 4. Randy Wible.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Josh Walstrum (Fannettsburg), 2. Justin Rasp, 3. Greg Moore, 4. Chase Shaw, 5. Shawn Fessler, 6. Dalton Mc- Quade, 7. Robert McQuade, 8. Shaun Linn.

Legend: 1. Bob Stough (East Berlin), 2. Scott Gobrecht, 3. Bill Diehl, 4. Chris McKinney, 5. Chris Spidle, 6. Rick Miller, 7. Jacob Feltch, 8. John Kerchner, 9. Randy Fetterolf, 10. Chad Earnst, 11. Randy Minich, 12. Rick Hartwig, 13. Ed Trump, 14. Vernon Houseman, 15. Brad Mellott.

Mini Stock: 1. Nathan Shaw (Hustontown), 2. Chris Anderson, 3. Ronnie Garlock, 4. Gary Dehart, 5. Jason Pecho, 6. Mark Grove, 7. Eric Seibert, 8. Dave Friedrich, 9. Bill Kennedy, 10. Troy Cramer, 11. Cole Bilger, 12. Shaun Patterson.

Super Stock: 1. Curtis Guyer (James Creek), 2. Adam Imes, 3. Kenny Hill, 4. Tony Verno, 5. Austin Johnson, 6. Joe Daywalt, 7. Ray Duffy, 8. Devin Hart, 9. Shane Sixes.

Coming up next week: Friday, June 29: 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, Street Stocks, Super Stocks and Late Models (Path Valley Family Restaurant Night)

Saturday, June 30: 4- Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, 270cc & 600cc Micro Sprints and Sidewinder Sprints.

Monday, July 2: 600cc Micro Sprint Speedweek, including 270cc Micro Sprints and Sidewinder Sprints.

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