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Taxes Stay The Same At S. Fulton

Board accepts several letters of resignation
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

The Southern Fulton School Board presented a balanced budget last Tuesday evening and announced it would not be raising taxes for the 2012-13 school year.

On a motion by board members Allen Morton and Mark Mosemann, the board gave a final nod of approval to the general operating budget that shows both expenditures and revenue at $11,132,281. The motion passed on a 7-1 roll-call vote, with Dale Sigel casting the lone vote of dissention. Fellow board member Danny Crouse was unable to attend the June 19 meeting.

In a follow-up motion that was accepted unanimously, the board agreed to leave the real estate millage rate untouched and at its current level of 23.3613 mills. Other tax rates going unchanged are the Section 679 and Act 511 per-capita taxes at $5 as well as earned income and real estate transfer taxes at 1 percent. Penalties will remain at a maximum level of 10 percent.

In conjunction with its annual announcement on taxes and budgetary matters, the board accepted the 2012 Homestead and Farmstead Exclusion Resolution that will result in participating members receiving a discount on their taxes.

Also a yearly decision undertaken by the board, it was agreed any additional unassigned fund balance as of June 30 to the committed fund balance. The actual amount will be determined through the completion of the 2011-12 fiscal year audit. The committed fund balance is used for future bond principal payments, interest payments, health insurance increases and PSERS retirement rate increases.

Under finance, the Pennsylvania School Board Association was appointed the school’s insurance carrier for next year. PSBA will in turn provide a variety of insurance coverages such as commercial, worker’s compensation, educator’s legal liability, commercial umbrella, and commercial auto. The total premium is calculated at $74,999.

In a follow-up motion, it was agreed the Strickler Agency will provide student accident and athletic insurance, which will include a $100 primary excess plan; $1 million maximum benefit over a twoyear period; and a $2,200 premium.

Proposals submitted by custodial and paper vendors were accepted as presented to the board. Central Poly and Hillyard’s custodial supply bids totaling $5,567.10 and $9,630.72 were approved, as was a paper bid in the amount of $12,614.36 from Contract Paper Co.

The board accepted the paperwork to be submitted through PlanCon Part A and B to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Superintendent Kendra Trail reassured the board the numbers associated with a proposed renovation project and PlanCon Part A are not set in stone. The numbers are merely required to justify why the district needs a construction project, she said.

Expressing regret, the board accepted multiple letters of resignation last Tuesday night. Among those submitted to the board for approval were speech language therapist Suzanne Elbin, boys assistant basketball coach David Gordon, head track and field coach Joe Hollenshead, assistant track and field coach Heather Hollenshead and building and grounds supervisor Mike Shaw. In a follow-up motion, it was agreed to advertise for the vacant positions as well as for two elementary teaching positions.

The board hired Kristi Bagley as the new school psychologist to be shared on a 50-50 basis with neighboring Central Fulton School District. Bagley’s starting salary was established at $50,000 in accordance with an agreement approved last year.

Barbara Peck was authorized to serve as a substitute custodian for the 2011-12 school year as well as the upcoming 2012-13 school year pending the completion of paperwork.

A multitude of substitutes were approved for the upcoming school year pending the completion and submission of necessary paperwork. Substitute teachers for next year include Gail Potter, Jamie Shaw, Lindsey Bard, Erin Claycomb, Betsy Clippinger, Jason Durham, Gloria Hurney, Sara Weeks, Rachel Leese, Dariel Pelton, Stacie Keith, Terry Diehl, Caroline Binder, Carol Wolf, Carol Hendershot, Deborah Cooper, Bradley Fitz, Brandon Ickes, Carolyn Stermer, Heather Hill. Mark Peterson, Kay Bradshaw, Amanda Schetrompf, Kassandra Fink, Lindsay Clark, Brittany Douglas, Lindsey Yorke, Kenneth Welsh, Mallory Welsh and Jennifer Miller.

Teacher-aide substitutes receiving approval were Kassandra Fink, Barbara Mellott, Daisy Wertz, Debra Hixon, Darlene Shaffer, Shonda Price, Anna Thompson, Sandra Wills, Sharon Knable, Jacqueline Duley, Rose Gordon, Lacey Golden, Tiffany Schooley, Julie Rhodes and Patricia Divelbliss.

Darlene Shaffer, Barbara Mellott, Tiffany Schooley, Sandra Wills, Anna Thompson, Sharon Knable and Jacqueline Duley were given permission to serve as substitute secretaries, while Sharon Knable, LeeAnn Barnhart, Betty Smith, Dean Wigfield, Sandy Wills, Via Shaw, Daniel Rohm, Bobbie Jo Peck, Daisy Wertz, Curtis Zimmerman, Charles Conley and Patty Keefer were approved in the capacity of custodian substitutes.

Meanwhile, Megan Crouse, April Hiller, Lucinda Lynch, Rebecca Dase, Cassie Scott and Elizabeth Yokum will be substitute nurse.

In a separate motion, G. Jean Morton was approved as a substitute secretary for the 2012-13 school year. Morton’s son and school board member Allen Morton abstained during the roll-call vote.

Following the recommendation of the district’s athletic director, the board appointed a large number of individuals to extracurricular coaching and advisory positions. Those receiving approval for the 2012-13 school year were:

 Kent Hendershot, athletic director and boys head basketball coach

 Karen Smartt, band front

 Charles Conley, junior high assistant baseball coach

 Dave Gordon, junior high head baseball coach

 Van Duncan, assistant baseball coach

 Dustin Fischer, head baseball coach

 Dennis Douglas, volunteer baseball coach

 Jeremy Clingerman, junior high boys assistant basketball coach and elementary boys basketball coach

 Terry Wertz, junior high boys head basketball coach

 Derek Younker, junior high boys volunteer basketball coach

 Joe Hollenshead, elementary girls basketball coach and head cross-country coach

 Melissa Mackel, junior high girls head basketball coach and junior high head softball coach

 Terry Bard, girls head basketball coach

 Debra Hixon, cheerleading advisor

 Amanda Schetrompf, volunteer cheerleading advisor

 Jessica Large, volunteer color guard advisor

 Heather Hollenshead, volunteer cross-country coach and game manager

 Connie Mellott, Terry Shade, Wendy Ritz, Linda Scriever, Angela Booth, game managers

 Justin Sholes, National Honor Society advisor and Scholastic Scrimmage advisor

 Benjamin Arnold, instrumental music

 Carolyn Mottern, play advisor and yearbook advisor

 Anita Hollenshead, play advisor assistant

 Carolyn Mottern, prom director

 Leah Eslinger, assistant soccer coach

 Brian Strait, head soccer coach

 Brian Mottern, junior high head soccer coach and junior high assistant softball coach

 Stacy Smith, head softball coach and assistant volleyball coach

 Craig Elbin, volunteer softball coach

 Chris Palmer, volunteer track and field coach

 Michael Merchant, assistant track and field coach

 Heather Kauffman, game manager and assistant track and field coach

 Dan Meredith, vocal music director and stage director.

 Candace Bard, junior high head volleyball coach

 Julie Dickerhoff, head volleyball coach.

Vacancies remaining to date are boys assistant basketball coach, head track and field coach, assistant track and field coach, and junior high assistant soccer coach, the board and administration noted.

Kelly Morton was approved in a separate motion to serve in the capacity of game manager. Board member Morton refrained from voting during the roll-call vote.

Morton also abstained from voting on appointing Stephanie Mills to the positions of junior high girls assistant basketball coach and assistant softball coach.

Meanwhile, fellow board member Timothy Hull abstained during a roll-call vote that resulted in Jessica Hull assuming the position of assistant volleyball coach.

The board unanimously hired Mark Mellott as the girls assistant basketball coach for 2012-13.

Dr. Tara Scheck, Dr. Philip Breen and/or Tri-State Community Health Center will be performing school physicals / examinations at a rate of $8 per student. The cost, it was said, will be the same as that of the 2011-12 school year.

Occupational therapy services for OTR/L and COTA/L will be provided by Tuscarora Intermediate Unit #11. Cost will be based on the actual number of students requiring services.

The board also approved the Extended Family Program to provide alternative education services for next year.

Staff members Diane Younker, Amanda Brumbaugh, Stephanie Hartman, Kendra Trail and Julie Dickerhoff will be attending the PA LEADS Conference scheduled for June 20-22 in Harrisburg. All costs associated with the trip will be covered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

In policy-related matters, the board adopted a resolution that will release four school districts, including Southern Fulton, as an “authorizer” of the New Day Charger School effective June 30, 2013. Superintendent Trail noted when the school was originally established years ago as the Blended Learning Charter School, the authorizing schools were required to pay for transportation costs incurred in getting their students to and from Huntingdon. By eliminating this caveat, Trail said the district will no longer be responsible for that cost.

Transportation matters addressed last Tuesday included the approval of two school bus turnaround signs on Johnson Mill Road. The signs will be located before and after the intersection with Myers Road.

In addition, the board updated the wording to a recently approved special van/vehicle contract with Snyder Bus Lines LLC beginning July 1. Morton dissented during the 7-1 roll-call vote.

Under the category of building and grounds, Tuscarora Intermediate Unit #11 was given permission to use the hallway in front of the elementary office on July 16 and August 14 at 3:30 p.m. for speech therapy.

Local resident Daniel Peck took the opportunity to speak during public comment, asking the board when board members receive their information regarding upcoming meetings. Board President Timothy Mellott stated they typically receive board meeting packets the week before scheduled meetings. Responding to Peck’s further questions, Mellott also said, speaking only for himself, he may talk to other board members about issues or questions he may have prior to a full board meeting.

Peck told the board they were being manipulated. He concluded it was “time for the big dogs to get together and wag their tails instead of the other way around.”

Throughout the course of the evening, the board conducted a 45-minute executive session to handle real estate, negotiations, personnel and student matters. During that meeting, the board again met briefly with representatives from Phantom Fireworks.

An additional executive session was held at the conclusion of the meeting to discuss student matters. No action was taken following the session.

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