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Robinson Convicted Of Raping Child

To be sentenced August 21
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Joshua Robinson Joshua Robinson A jury of nine women and three men watched a video last Thursday of a 9-year-old girl recapping to a forensic interviewer how she was molested and raped by Big Cove Tannery resident Joshua Wayne Robinson while her little brother slept in the same bed.

The young girl also took the stand outlining the same story of abuse during the jury trial that ended in Robinson’s conviction on two counts each of attempted rape and rape; three counts each of indecent assault and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse; and one count of statutory sexual assault.

Robinson’s bail was doubled to $40,000 following the court proceeding by Fulton County Court of Common Pleas Judge Angela R. Krom. He was remanded to the Franklin County Prison and is tentatively scheduled to be sentenced August 21.

The girl, now age 10, told the court that the story of her abuse emerged last August when she and a friend were “sharing secrets.” The friend, however, revealed the story to her own mother, who in turn told the victim’s mother.

The victim’s mother, who also took the stand on June 21 during the one-day jury trial, said she immediately contacted the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department before being referred to the Pennsylvania State Police in McConnellsburg. The referral was based on the incident having occurred at Robinson’s 2391 Cito Road home between August 19 and August 21, 2011

Lead investigator Trooper Michael Davis said he interviewed Robinson, 28, on August 30 at the state police barracks. Also present during portions of the interview was Cpl. William Baker, crime unit supervisor.

Trooper Davis confirmed Robinson was never placed under arrest or detained in any way. After reviewing the allegations, Davis said the defendant broke down and cried. He in turn provided a written confession or statement.

Shared with the jury, Robinson’s statement said he was under the influence of prescription drugs at the time and took more than was actually prescribed to him. “I do feel I was wrong,” Robinson said in the confession. “I have never tried to hurt this little girl. I am truly sorry ... .”

There was no DNA evidence secured in the case nor did police visit the Robinson family home. The victim did undergo a physical examination, which stated even though results were normal it would not preclude abuse.

In attempting to refute Robinson’s allegations that his actions could have been influenced by prescription drugs, an expert witness for the commonwealth testified that Meloxicam is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory used to combat pain and arthritis. The expert said the drug does pose serious health risks such as nausea, cardiovascular risks, and stomach and bleeding problems. To her knowledge, she stated, it would not have an effect on sexual desire or make someone lose their inhibitions.

Taking the stand on his own behalf, Robinson said during the girl’s weekend visit he never touched her or asked her to touch him. He said when he heard about the allegations from Davis he was disgusted because he had thought of the girl as his own daughter.

Robinson went on to say at the time of his police interview he didn’t understand he wasn’t under arrest. “They (Davis and Baker) made me believe that a jury would find me guilty no matter what,” said Robinson. He further alleged the trooper said he would go to bat for him and help reunite him with his son if he cooperated with the investigation.

He said that he cooperated 100 percent, but his statement was entirely false. Furthermore, he maintained he was encouraged to write down the details of his remorse and prescription use by the officers.

Robinson would also make reference to the abuse being a cooked-up story that would result in him losing custody of his son.

Others testifying on Robinson’s behalf were his parents and his sister. Robinson’s mother testified regarding sleeping arrangements on the weekend and said she frequently checked on the kids from across the hall in her office where she worked throughout the night.

Robinson’s sister added she had a very close relationship with the girl, and they also shared secrets but nothing of his nature.

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