2012-06-28 / Entertainment

Decker Family Holds Reunion

The descendants of Chester and Mary Decker met June 24, 2012, for a family reunion at Sideling Hill Christian Church fellowship hall. There were approximately 50 members present. They represented families from the children of Chester and Mary. Those children were Edna Bard, Thelma Swope, Cleo Fisher, Wayne Decker, Vera Woodcock, Iva Strait, Wendeall Decker and Kyle Decker. All were represented except Cleo.

Vera Woodcock told of memories of family life on the farm. She recalls the farm being purchased for $100 by Chester and Mary. They each contributed $50 for purchase. She recalls “Old Sam,” the family horse; the cows for milking, storing ice in the ice house for ice cream in July and many other fond memories of life on the farm.

Verdeen Decker, wife of Wendell Decker was also present. She resides in Windber, Pa. A good time was had by all. The next reunion will be June 23 at the Sideling Hill Christian Church.

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