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Hustontown Family Hosts Benefit For Local Man

By Hunter Homistek


For some, when it rains, it pours.

To classify the health conditions of Roger Sowers as simply rain, though, is, in fact, a massive understatement; the 51-year-old man is more accurately battling a fierce hurricane at this stage in his life.

In June 2010, Sowers was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, an ailment that requires daily eight-hour dialysis within the confines of his three-bedroom Harrisonville home.

While this alone is enough to put a weaker man on his knees, Sowers has continued to endure a life of family, of work and of utter perseverance in every sense of the word.

Kidney failure could not stop the family man from resuming duty at the head of his household.

Neither could a five-bypass open heart surgery in February 2012.

So, after an MRI recently revealed a cyst on Sowers’ spine that has left him hobbled and weak, did he slow down or give up his life of responsibility?

Of course not; he never has, and giving up is simply not an option.

“He has been so amazingly strong,” said Resondia Sowers, Roger’s wife of 28 years. “He just wants to feel good for a little while.”

To aid in Sowers’ costly recovery, the family has humbly accepted donations from compassionate citizens and friends countywide.

“People have been very kind and generous to us, and we could not ask for more,” Resondia said. “We so appreciate everything anyone has ever done.”

Among these offerings was a benefit for Sowers hosted by James and Olivia Andres, a young Hustontown couple who are friends of the Sowers family and wanted to support them through their struggles.

The benefit, which was hosted at the VFW picnic grounds this past Saturday, June 16, featured an auction and pull-tab raffle, among other activities, to raise money for the Sowers family.

“We just wanted to help out in any way we could,” said event organizer James Andres. “We love Roger and his family, and this is truly the least we could do for him.”

With friends and family in attendance, the event helped raise significant funds to help with the medical and recovery expenses that have befallen the Sowers family of late.

We feel so blessed for everything everybody has done for us,” said Sowers. “It is much appreciated, and may God bless each and every one of them.”

So while a storm can weather a building, flood a stream or tear a tree from its anchored roots, the sometimes brutal storm of life is currently fighting an uphill battle against the resilient and persistent Roger Sowers.

Thanks to the geneorus contributions from Sowers’ family, friends and community, Mother Nature is going to have to retire to her corner early in this fight.

She can’t win; Sowers will not allow it, and neither will his supportive community.

The story of resolve and a staunch refusal to quit demonstrated by Sowers and his family in this trying time is truly remarkable, and it is testament to the human spirit within all of us.

Our bodies may sometimes fade, but with a loving family and community always by one’s side, any recovery, no matter how unlikely, is possible.

One need look no further than Roger Sowers, the familiy man who falls six times and stands up seven, to accept this truth.

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