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Expanded Appliance Race Scheduled For 2012 Fulton County Fair

During last year’s Monday night demolition derby at the Fulton County Fair, a new feature referred to as an appliance race made its debut. The trial event was deemed a success and, at the request of the participants and crowd alike, the appliance race will be returning as a feature event during the 2012 Fulton County Fair.

The appliance race will be held Monday evening. It will consist of multiple heats and a feature event. The Monday night compact demo derby will be held Wednesday evening in conjunction with the usual full size car derby.

This year’s appliance race is open to nine teams, a driver and a four-man pit crew makes up a team. Teams must preregister. The event will be limited to the first nine teams to register with the additional teams retained on standby. Here are the rules for this year’s appliance race.

Appliance race rules 2012

1. Mid- or full-size cars only
2. No roof racks, luggage
racks or tie downs allowed
3. Remove all glass and
4. No body modifications
or alterations allowed
5. Air bags must be removed
6. Driver’s door to be
chained shut
7. Install at least three
bars and wire mesh across
the windshield opening to
protect the driver from loose
appliance parts.
8. Exhaust may be removed
9. Car number to be displayed on side doors (large)
10. Drivers and pit crew
members must be 18 years old
11. Entries limited to (1)
driver and four pit crew
12. Drivers must wear helmet and safety glasses
13. Driver to remain in car
at all times during event
1. Fair to supply rope and
2. No appliances are allowed in the passenger compartment ( this includes
3. No appliance alterations allowed (i.e., holes
punched in cabinets, etc.)
4. Appliances may not be
attached to windshield safety screen
5. Entrants must preregister by July 15
6. A refundable $50.00 entry fee must be submitted
with entry
Contact Pat Bard to enter at 717-552-9543.
7. Entry fee refunded on
completion of event if entry
participated in a heat.
8. First nine entries will
be accepted, additional entries will be held as alternates
9. Drivers will draw for
starting position and pit assignment 10. Lost appliances may not
be retrieved from point of loss
11. Loose appliances may
be reloaded by taking an early pit
12. Appliances touching
the ground will not be scored
13. An early pit will result

in a loss of a lap
14. Event consists of 3
heats consisting of teams,
heat winners move to the
feature event
Race consists of 11 laps
loading five appliances as follows, First lap, full lap run empty
Second lap, add appliance
Third lap, full lap run with
Fourth lap, add an appliance Fifth lap, Full lap run with
appliance. Laps continue until all appliances are loaded.
Heat winners will be
awarded a trophy.
Feature winners will receive a trophy and cash, first
$250; second $125, third $75.
So don’t miss the action
as the teams load appliances
unto the car one at a time,
tying them on as best they
can with just 100’ of rope, before they take a lap around
the track, then pitting to add
another range or dryer for
another lap. It could get interesting as the appliances
slip and slide as the driver
tries to negotiate the course
without bumping into another car resulting in a lost
appliance. The best time and
most appliances still on the
car after five laps will determine the heat and feature
This year’s Fulton County will be held August 12-18
at the fairgrounds.

Attain Dean’s List

The following area students were named to the dean’s list for the spring 2012 at Penn State University:

Sherri Buterbaugh, Hustontown, Mont Alto.

Jennifer Buterbaugh, Mc- Connellsburg, Mont Alto.

Erin Chafardon, Mc- Connellsburg, Altoona.

Amy Chilcote, Three Springs, Mont Alto.

Elissa Colledge, Wells Tannery, Altoona.

Dylan Deneen, Mc- Connellsburg, University Park.

Emily Deshong, Harrisonville, Mont Alto.

Whitney Deshong, Mc- Connellsburg, University Park.

Lisa Deshong, Harrisonville, Univeristy Park.

Jennie Everhart, Three Springs, University Park.

Kylynne Fraker, Fort Littleotn, Mont Alto.

Mckenzie Hann, Mc- Connellsburg, Mont Alto.

Amy Harper, Three Springs, World Campus.

Nicholas Hess, Harrisonville, Univeristy Park.

Chelsey Hollenshead, Needmore, University Park.

Sandra Kling, Hustontown, Mont Alto.

Rita Sipes, Harrisonville, Mont Alto.

Colby Sowers, Mc- Connellsburg, University Park.

Brian Steiner, Mc- Connellsburg, Mont Alto.

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