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Weight Limit Placed On Third Street Bridge

10-ton weight limit will be temporary until bridge can be replaced
By Jean Snyder

McConnellsburg Borough Council members, at their regular meeting last Wednesday evening, discussed the inspection report of borough bridges, granted several citizen requests and talked about how to make bathrooms in the Fulton House more accessible.

Council members reviewed an inspection report of four of the borough’s bridges prepared by Tom Morisi of Keller Engineers, Inc. In the report, Morisi noted that the bridge across North Third Street near the traffic light is in bad condition, and he recommended that steps be taken immediately to rectify the situation in the short term until the bridge can be replaced.

Morisi recommended that a 10- ton weight limit be placed on the bridge immediately. No recommendations were made concerning the other three bridges inspected.

Following discussion, council agreed to purchase and erect the four weight-limit signs. Council also instructed borough secretary Jack Fields to speak with state Rep. Dick Hess about possible grant money or loans available to replace the bridge in the future. Council emphasized that the weight limit is only a temporary fix to the problem. In the meantime, council intends to talk further with its engineer to procure a ballpark estimate for replacement of the bridge.

Council granted a request from Adams-Hanover Counseling Service to close the alley adjacent to the building at 119 Lincoln Way West for the counseling service’s open house from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 22.

Council denied a request from auctioneer Craig Knepper to close a portion of North Street on June 10, 11, 13 and 14 for the sale at the Forner residence. Council cited heavy traffic on that street from the ballparks and other areas of Lions Park Drive. Council did offer an alternative that would allow the closing of the 300 block of Fourth Street to Walnut Street.

In another sale request, council agreed to a request to close a portion of the street at Third Street and East Walnut for a sale July 28.

Fields reported to the council that the bathrooms in the basement of the Fulton House are not in working condition. The bathrooms were put into working order by the Fulton County Historical Society, but council voted to get a price on repairing them. Councilman Buterbaugh pointed out that the Fulton House is a public building and should have working restrooms that are accessible to the public. Fields pointed out that the restrooms were not intended for public use due to the steep stairway down to the basement. Council then discussed putting one unisex restroom on the main floor that would be handicapped accessible. Fields was instructed to check on the cost of installing one.

Council also briefly discussed a complaint from a citizen about tree limbs blowing between properties and council agreed that the complaint would need to be handled between property owners.

During old business, council voted to pay the following bills from liquid fuel funds: $102.60 for street replacement signs; $354.10 for poles for the signs; Thomas Automotive, $3,014.03 for rebuilding the transmission on the borough’s truck; TMS, $3,775 for repairs to the borough’s portion of Cooper Lane; and $1,950 to Outdoor Contracting for street sweeping. Fields noted that this year’s cost was $300 less than last year.

Council discussed various ways to better show patriotism in the community. Fields was instructed to get a price on a 25-foot flagpole to be erected in the grassy area in front of the Fulton House. Prices were also to be obtained for illuminating the flag. In the meantime, council asked that residents show their patriotism and display flags for Flag Day and for the July 4th holiday.

Councilman Buterbaugh informed council members that the Parks and Rec Commission will likely go out of business at the end of the calendar year. Buterbaugh said that with so many municipalities dropping out of the commission, there simply is not enough money to fund it. Buterbaugh said the commission will continue to offer recreational opportunities through the remainder of this year.

Council also once again discussed its weed ordinance and talked about the growth of vegetation on borough properties. Council agreed to talk with its solicitor about the best way to advertise that property owners will be subject to fines for violation of the ordinance that says grass/weeds cannot be higher than 2 feet.

Regular business

During regular business, council approved payment of May bills in the amount of $27,948.10. Revenue for the same time period was $65,371.84. Checks were written for $34,448.46, leaving a June 1 balance of $53,246.81.

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