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Ott, Singer Continue Path Valley Dominance

By Rob Keller

Jeremy Ott continued his near-perfect season so far at Path Valley. The only race he started and did not win was due to engine problems while he was leading with one lap to go. Meanwhile, Kenny Singer is proving to be the man to beat in the Street Stock division, winning two in a row and three out of the first five features.

The 4-Cylinder Thunder Car was Jeremy Ott’s all night long. Ott won the heat race and then led all 20 laps of the feature for the win. Ott still remains unbeaten in this class, winning each time he has entered. Ott was followed across the line by Chase Shaw, John Rasp, Shaun Linn and Robert Mc- Quade.

Brad Gleason is a quick learner. In only his seventh career start in a Sidewinder Sprint, he led all 20 laps for his first career win. Mike Zielonis started last in the seven-car field and was over a full straightaway behind Gleason when he took second from Zach Overmiller. Zielonis closed the gap over the final few laps but was still several car lengths back at the finish. Overmiller held off Seth Kearchner for third and Jason Stahl finished fifth. Overmiller won the heat race.

In the Street Stock feature, Steve Lowery started on the pole with Kenny Singer in second. On the start the two leaders went side-by- side into Turn 1. They touched rear tires which sent Singer high onto the banking and dropping him back to third. Lowery led the first lap and Dave Brown took over the lead on Lap 2. Singer was not slowed by the first lap contact and stormed back to take the lead on Lap 3. Singer led the remaining laps to take the win by several seconds over Brown. Lowery finished third, ahead of Josh Gustaf and Joe Gustaf. Singer also took the heat race win.

Ronnie Garlock took the lead on Lap 1 of the Mini Stock feature and built a large enough lead to hold off a late race charge by Ryan Laye to claim the win, his second in a row on Friday nights at Path Valley. Third through fifth went to Nathan Shaw, Bill Kennedy, and Cole Bilger. Jeremy Ott won the heat race but damaged his engine and was not able to compete in the feature.

June 8 results

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Jeremy Ott (Upper Strasburg), 2. Chase Shaw, 3. John Rasp, 4. Shaun Linn, 5. Robert McQuade.

Sidewinder Sprint: 1. Brad Gleason (Walkersville, Md.), 2. Mike Zielonis, 3. Zach Overmiller, 4. Seth Kearchner, 5. Jason Stahl, 6. Mike Murphy Jr., 7. Brandon Yarlett.r

Street Stock: 1. Kenny Singer (Robertsdale), 2. Dave Brown, 3. Steve Lowery, 4. Josh Gustaf, 5. Joe Gustaf, 6. Ronnie Garlock.

Mini Stock: 1. Ronnie Garlock (Mapleton), 2. Ryan Laye, 3. Nathan Shaw, 4. Bill Kennedy, 5. Cole Bilger, 6. Eric Grubb, 7. Eric Seibert.

Coming up next weekend: Friday, June 15: 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, Late Models, and Super Stocks.

Saturday, June 16: 4- Cylinder Thunder Cars, 270cc.

Tyler Walton has won the last three features for the 600cc Micro Sprints and all four that he has entered at Path Valley in 2012.

In the 600cc Micro Sprint feature, polesitter Jake Hummel led the field the first three laps. Meanwhile, Tyler Walton and Ryan Greth were swapping second place back and fourth. After Walton took control of second, he set his sights on the leader and made the winning pass on Lap 4. Greth also got by Hummel one lap later but remained about five car lengths back at the finish. Timmie Barrick passed Hummel with just a few laps remaining to claim third, and Gunnar Layton finished fifth. Hummel claimed the heat race win.

Cory Wagner brought out a new racecar for the 6- Cylinder Strictly Stock division and outlasted the competition for the win. Nick Robinson, driving Wagner’s old car, finished second, with Doug Guise in third and Chris Anderson fourth. The heat race win went to Guise.

The last few 4-Cylinder Strictly Stock features have had side-by-side photo finishes. This week Justin Williamson made sure there was no doubt. Williamson took the lead from Charlie Stallman on lap 2 and led the rest of the way, including a restart with one lap to go. Second through fifth went to Gary Guise, Steven Jacobs, Nathan Woolley and Charlie Stallman. Williamson also won the heat race.

Bill Brown Sr. started on the pole and led every lap of the Classic Racing Series 20- lap feature. It was the second career win for Brown at Path Valley Speedway, and he will soon be celebrating his 69th birthday. Brandon Little kept pace with Brown, finishing just a few car lengths back in second. Bill Marinelli finished third. Jim Crocker passed the most cars, starting 11th and finishing fourth. Charlie Summers completed the top five. Heat race wins went to Pete Neal and Brown.

Colby Dice returned to victory lane in the 270cc Micro Sprint feature, starting second and leading all 20 laps. Five cautions slowed the event, including two on the final lap. Chad Myers finished a strong second, ahead of Levi Peck, Cory Myers, and Brandon Hawkins. Chad Myers and Peck won their heat races.

Raymond Middaugh led all 20 laps of the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature for the win. Second through fifth went to Kyle Martin, Chas Clouser, and Randy Stull. Middaugh also won the heat race.

June 9 results

600cc Micro Sprint: 1. Tyler Walton (Mifflintown), 2. Ryan Greth, 3. Timmie Barrick, 4. Jake Hummel, 5. Gunnar Layton, 6. Garrett Bard, 7. Devin Beidel .

6-Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Cory Wagner ( Spring Run), 2. Nick Robinson, 3. Doug Guise, 4. Chris Anderson.

4-Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Justin Williamson (Orbisonia), 2. Gary Guise, 3. Steven Jacobs, 4. Nathan Woolley, 5. Charlie Stallman.

Classic Racing Series: 1. Bill Brown Sr. (Woodbine, Md.), 2. Brandon Little, 3. Bill Marinelli, 4. Jim Crocker, 5. Charlie Summers, 6. Matt Wallace, 7. Neal Reamer, 8. Ron Grove, 9. Pete Neal, 10. Steve Cantwell, 11. Bill Brown Jr.

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Colby Dice ( Chambersburg), 2. Chad Myers, 3. Levi Peck, 4. Cory Myers, 5. Brandon Hawkins, 6. Tyler Reich, 7. Jerry Palm, 8. Cody Hackenberry, 9. Daryl Beakler, 10. Cory Thornton, 11. Don Roush, 12. Bob Brubaker, 13. Eric Forsythe, 14. Dave Hawkins, 15. Dave Hollar, 16. Jason Houtz, 17. Scott Hawkins.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Raymond Middaugh (Rockhill, Pa.), 2. Kyle Martin, 3. Chas Clouser, 4. Randy Stull.

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