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Walton Stays Unbeaten At Path Valley

By Rob Keller

Tyler Walton has only competed in three of the seven events for the 600cc Micro Sprints that have been run so far at Path Valley Speedway in 2012. In those three races, Walton has found his way to victory lane every time.

The grounds crew took the time during intermission to regrade the track surface and the 600cc Micro Sprints showed the effort was well worth it. Mike Dicely led the field from the drop of the green flag with Tyler Walton in close pursuit. The leaders were slicing through the back of the field when Dicely went high entering turn three. Walton seized the opportunity, diving low and taking the lead on Lap 15. Walton kept Dicely at bay for the remaining five laps to claim the win. Chandler Leiby, Jimmy Brookens and Ryan Greth completed the top five. Heat wins went to Greth, Leiby and Walton.

Only two Stock 600cc Micro Sprints signed in. Kenny Harris was leading when Anthony Macri’s engine expired on Lap 3, giving Harris the win.

Josh Walstrum has only run the last three Saturday night events for the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car. Just like Walton in the 600cc Micro Sprints, Walstrum is undefeated, winning all three races. Walstrum led every lap with Raymond Middaugh a few car lengths behind. Third through fifth went to Dalton McQuade, Justin Mull, and Jacob Carbaugh. Middaugh was the heat race winner.

In the PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint feature Eric Parker started second and drove around polesitter Lance Newlin to grab the lead on Lap 1. Newlin and Tim Dietz were closing in on Parker when Newlin spun out exiting turn four on Lap 9. On the restart Dietz passed Parker and began to pull away. Ryan Lynn passed Parker for second on Lap 12, but was several seconds behind Dietz. As Dietz was going through turn one on Lap 15 his engine left out a puff of smoke and shutoff, giving the lead to Lynn. Lynn led the remaining laps to claim the checkers. Parker held on to second, ahead of Steve Kenawell, Kyle Lloyd, and Scott Ellerman. Heat race victors were Mark Watkins and Tyler Bear.

Sean McAndrew grabbed the lead from his third-place starting position on the initial lap of the 270cc Micro Sprint feature. McAndrew built up a sizeable lead in the early going, but had to fend off a charge by Josh Stoyer the last 10 laps. Stoyer got beside McAndrew once, but was unable to finish the pass and was behind McAndrew by two car lengths when they crossed the finish line. Colby Dice finished third, Jason Houtz fourth and Justin Harrington fifth. Levi Peck and Harrington claimed heat race wins.

Charlie Stallman and Justin Williamson were at it for the third race in a row in the 4-Cylinder Strictly Stock division. Stallman took the lead on Lap 1, while Williamson fell from second to fifth at the start. Just past halfway Williamson started to charge to the front, working his way up to second on Lap 16. Stallman’s car appeared to slow slightly the last two laps, and Williamson closed in quickly. They came across the finish line side-byside, with Williamson declared the winner. Behind them it was Ellis Whitsel, Andrew Benson, and Steven Jacobs. Whitsel won the heat race.

Devin Whitsel was the only 6- cylinder Strictly Stock, giving him the win.

Ryan Laye started seventh in the nine-car field of Mini Stocks and was following Ronnie Garlock as they both worked into the top three. When Garlock slowed and pitted on Lap 8 Laye began to chase down the leader, Chris Anderson. Laye drove underneath Anderson to make the winning pass on Lap 13. There was a threecar battle for third the last 10 laps with Bill Kennedy holding off Matt Williamson and Dave Friedrich. Heat race checkers went to Friedrich.

June 2 results

600cc Micro Sprint: 1. Tyler Walton (Mifflintown, Pa.), 2. Mike Dicely, 3. Chandler Leiby, 4. Jimmy Brookens, 5. Ryan Greth, 6. Geoff Gill, 7. Jared Esh, 8. Cale Reigle, 9. Gunnar Layton, 10. Timmie Barrick, 11. Mike Rynard, 12. Darren Kauffman, 13. Nathan Prazenica, 14. Shannon Fisher, 15. Alex Potosky, 16. Steve Whary, 17. Eric Bodine, 18. Devin Beidel, 19. Mike Johnson, 20. Shelby Rowles, 21. Dusty Foust, 22. Hank Donovan, 23. Mike Holley, 24. Jeff Stelter.

Stock 600cc Stock Micro Sprint: 1. Kenny Harris (Fredericksburg, Pa.), 2. Anthony Macri.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Josh Walstrum (Fannettsburg), 2. Raymond Middaugh, 3. Dalton McQuade, 4. Justin Mull, 5. Jacob Carbaugh, 6. Chas Clouser.

305 Sprint: 1. Ryan Lynn ( Hollidaysburg), 2. Eric Parker, 3. Steve Kenawell, 4. Kyle Lloyd, 5. Scott Ellerman, 6. Mark Watkins, 7. Jim Kennedy, 8. Lance Newlin, 9. Tim Dietz, 10. Justin Zapotoczny, 11. Tyler Bear, 12. Randy Kaylor.

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Sean McAndrew (Apollo, Pa.), 2. Josh Stoyer, 3. Colby Dice, 4. Jason Houtz, 5. Justin Harrington, 6. Levi Peck, 7. Chip Geib, 8. Dane Tobias, 9. Cory Thornton, 10. Eric Forsythe, 11. Scott Hawkins, 12. Scott Renninger, 13. Ben Houtz.

4-Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Justin Williamson (Orbisonia), 2. Charlie Stallman, 3. Ellis Whitsel, 4. Andrew Benson, 5. Steven Jacobs, 6. Jonathan Middaugh, 7. Scott Barker, 8. Gage Whitsel, 9. Jeff Arcq.

6-Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Devin Whitsel.

Mini Stock: 1. Ryan Laye (Ft. Loudon), 2. Chris Anderson, 3. Bill Kennedy, 4. Matt Williamson, 5. Dave Friedrich, 6. Travis Semple, 7. Lyle Barnes, 8. Ronnie Garlock, 9. Eric Grubb.

Coming up next weekend: Friday, June 8: 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, Street Stocks and Side-winder Sprints.

Saturday, June 9: 270cc & 600cc Micro Sprints, 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Classics and Strictly Stocks.

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