2012-06-07 / Local & State

Pa. Finds Out-Of-Staters Were Using Welfare Cards

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – The Corbett administration says it found hundreds of thousands of dollars in welfare benefits that went to people who do not live in Pennsylvania.

A Department of Public Welfare spokeswoman said Wednesday the agency made the finding after a review of some out-of-state charges on electronic cards issued to public welfare recipients.

The transactions by 653 recipients were in states that do not border Pennsylvania and went on for at least three months.

The agency says it found at least $460,000 in fraudulent transactions for food stamps and cash benefits over the three months, and the agency estimates it avoided another $927,000 more in fraudulent transactions by closing the cards.

The agency says there are more than 2 million electronic benefit cards in circulation, mostly for food stamps.

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