2012-06-07 / Local & State

New Guidelines For Diabetic Supplies


As of May 30, 2012, these guidelines are in effect for two of the three waste disposal companies in the area for the disposal of syringes, needles and lancets. These include Peck’s Disposal and Weaver Sanitation. The new guidelines will help to protect everyone involved from getting an accidental needle stick.

Weaver’s and Peck’s require these items to be collected in a non-see-through plastic bottle, like a detergent bottle (need heavier than a milk or pop bottle), with a screw-on lid, or in a coffee can with a plastic snap-on lid. When full, close the lid and seal it with duct tape or strapping tape so it cannot accidentally come open. Write the word “SHARPS” or “NEEDLES” on the container so the person picking up your trash knows what it is, and can take extra precautions. Also, Weaver’s Sanitation requests that you call and tell them that you put out these containers. The phone numbers are listed for each company.

If you use Waste Management, please call them at the number below or check the guidelines on their Web site at www.wm.com. Their guidelines are different than above.

Please do not set out red sharps containers, like the ones used in the hospital. These must be disposed of in a special way, and there is a fee for disposing of them. The hospital and the local pharmacies do not dispose of them for the general public. If you have any questions, please call your company.

Peck’s Disposal: 717-485-4123.

Waste Management: 1-800- 634-4595.

Weaver’s Sanitation: 814-735- 4589.

Gwen Morral, RN, BSN, CDE and Karen Corwell, RN, BSN, CDE – Fulton County Medical Center, Diabetes Education: 717- 485-6110.

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