2012-05-24 / Local & State

2 Men Treated After Rabid Fox Bite In Eastern Pa.

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) – Health authorities in eastern Pennsylvania say a fox that bit a man who was visiting Bethlehem has tested positive for rabies.

Officials say the man bitten Wednesday and another man who reported a fox bite not far away on the same day are being treated. Health officials say they aren't sure whether both victims encountered the same animal.

On May 8, a woman walking a dog in east Allentown was bitten by a rabid fox. She was started on a series of rabies shots.

Bethlehem police are reminding residents to contact police if they spot a rabid animal. Rabies can cause abnormally aggressive or unusually tame behavior.

The mayor's office says people should not leave pets outside unattended or leave food outside that may attract rabid animals.

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