2012-05-24 / Letters

What Was Politically Correct Is Not Anymore

To The Editor:

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon!! You just gotta be asking yourself, “What the Sam Hill is this country coming to?” Now! Don’t you?! Everything is upside down and backwards! There isn’t anything coming out of D.C. that doesn’t somehow just defy any reason or, logic.

We’re $15.7 trillion in debt. So to fix that, we should spend more. And while we’re at it, let’s borrow it from the Chinese, who want to own this country to begin with. We hesitate to offend those who would like to see us reduced to a steaming pile because they have the oil. To fix that, we play nice with them and look for ways to destroy the very industries in this country that would make us energy independent. We have at least 8.1 percent unemployment and by some accounts, much higher. So let’s tax, attack and vilify those in a position to hire. Let’s get rid of “In God We Trust” and all the crosses because they will offend some atheist, somewhere. The Pledge of Allegiance must go as well because it’s just not politically correct, these days.

It is politically correct, however, to allow the very people who have vowed to destroy all those who do not follow their religion into our backyards. It is correct to make it almost impossible for law enforcement to deter illegal immigration. It’s OK to allow thugs to keep certain voters out of the booth in Philadelphia. And it is now politically correct to express fullthroated, public support for what is totally contrary to the fabric of the American family, the Bible and for what is morally repugnant to most of us. To endorse it. To rub our noses in it.

Remember now, the people who are in a position to make these judgments know what is best for you. You don’t. Law, logic, reason and morality be dipped.

Yep. Let’s not pay attention. Let’s not think about it. Let’s ignore history. Let’s subject all that made this country an example of how things should be to ridicule. After all, none of it is politically correct anymore.

Bill Watson


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