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Fed Up With Republican Legislators’ Stance On Taxes, Spending

To The Editor:

I’m sick of hearing Pennsylvania’s Republican legislators brag that they haven’t raised taxes and rant about cutting spending.

Because of them, property taxes have risen significantly, parents are being assessed fees for the “privilege” of students representing their school in sports, band, etc., ticket prices rise, school support groups contribute more, while school boards cut teachers and educational programs and infrastructure deteriorates.

Pennsylvania is 49th in state share of public education; 44th in higher education funding.

Per pupil spending in our 500 districts ranges from $8,200 to $21,000 – a $322,000 differential in a 25-student classroom. Students in poorer districts aren’t getting an equal opportunity.

Sure we should eliminate waste, corruption, incompetence.

But food, energy, clothing, construction costs keep rising. School districts incur these same costs!

If we can’t afford ... or are no longer willing ... to educate our children, then our nation has no future and can adopt Michele Bachman’s infamous line: “I think everyone should be allowed to keep every dollar they earn.” Think about that – a presidential candidate advocates eliminating the U.S., and some Republicans supported her!

Republicans once had better sense. In 1980 a man named Alvin Jacobson was released from a mental facility, declared competent, and promptly decided to run for president. Turning up one night at the Fulton County Republican Dinner, he asked emcee Merrill Kerlin for speaking time.

Merrill obliged. “We have an unusual honor for Fulton County tonight. A candidate for president of the United States is here and has asked for a few minutes to speak. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jacobson.”

They humored him, they didn’t vote for him!

But to imply any comparison is an insult to Mr. Jacobson, who had some grand, albeit impractical, ideas for our nation. Today’s Republican leaders offer no future at all.

Paul Politis


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