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Ott Continues Early Season Roll

Path Valley Speedway
By Rob Keller

Jeremy Ott has started the 2012 season at Path Valley with perfection, winning all five races he has entered, three in the 4- Cylinder Thunder Cars and two in the Mini Stocks.

The Mini Stock feature was the first on Friday night’s card and polesitter Matt Williamson led the first lap. On Lap 2 Jeremy Ott went high into turn three then turned his car to the bottom and passed Williamson exiting turn four. Only one caution slowed the race and erased a sizeable lead for Ott with four laps remaining. Ott left no doubt over the final four laps, pulling away from Williamson for his fifth win, second in the Mini Stocks, in 2012. Williamson held off a charging Ryan Laye for second, with Mike Hawbaker and Eric Grubb finishing fourth and fifth. Ott also won the heat race.

Curtis Guyer is in his first full season in the Super Stock division at Path Valley and already is proving to be a contender each week. Guyer started second and drove around polesitter Adam Yetter at the drop of the green. Yetter was battling Adam Imes and Carl Miller for second when he slowed and had to pit on Lap 13. Guyer stayed comfortably ahead while Imes held off Miller for second. The win was Guyer’s first at Path Valley and second in his career. Devin Hart’s car trailed smoke nearly the entire 20 laps, but he still brought it home fourth, just ahead of A.J. Verno.

In the Sidewinder Sprint feature Brandon Yarlett started first and led all 20 laps for the wire-to-wire victory. Yarlett was leading by several seconds when Brad Gleason started to close in over the final five laps. Gleason got to within two car lengths when the checkered flag fell. Yarlett admitted in victory lane that he was not expecting the track to be so tight and he just became tired. Donnie Hendershot ran solidly in third place, holding off Alex Schanz and Mike Zielonis.

Robert McQuade started first in the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature and led the way for the first two laps. Josh Walstrum, driving a brand new race car, started fifth but quickly worked his way forward, passing Mc- Quade for the lead on Lap 3. Nathan Shaw started last in the six-car field and took over the runner-up spot on Lap 6. Walstrum was leading by a full straightaway when he had a spark plug wire come off with four laps to go. Shaw quickly closed the gap and caught Walstrum as they completed Lap 18. Shaw pushed Walstrum nearly the entire length of the backstretch. Walstrum held his line and kept Shaw behind him to get the win. Jason Pecho fin- ished third, Shaun Linn fourth and McQuade fifth.

May 18 results

Mini Stock: 1. Jeremy Ott (Upper Strasburg, Pa.), 2. Matt Williamson, 3. Ryan Laye, 4. Mike Hawbaker, 5. Eric Grubb, 6. Bill Kennedy, 7. Eric Seibert, 8. Shaun Patterson, 9. Ronnie Garlock.

Lap leaders: Matt Williamson (1), Jeremy Ott (2-20).

Super Stock: 1. Curtis Guyer (James Creek, Pa.), 2. Adam Imes, 3. Carl Miller, 4. Devin Hart, 5. A.J. Verno, 6. Keith Walls, 7. Ray Duffy, 8. Adam Yetter, 9. Kenny Hill, 10. Shyann Bard, 11. David Gossert, 12. Austin Johnson, 13. Deron Henry.

Sidewinder: 1. Brandon Yarlett (Carlisle), 2. Brad Gleason, 3. Donnie Hendershot, 4. Alex Schanz, 5. Mike Zielonis, 6. Seth Kearchner, 7. Chris Crull, 8. Zach Overmiller, 9. Jason Stahl.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Josh Walstrum (Fannettsburg), 2. Nathan Shaw, 3. Jason Pecho, 4. Shaun Linn, 5. Robert McQuade, 6. Tony Hampton.

The 270 Road Show is a six race series in 2012 at six different tracks featuring the 270cc Micro Sprints. Saturday the series came to Path Valley Speedway and 34 drivers were in attendance.

The 270cc Micro Sprint feature got off to a rocky start, a red flag for a five-car accident on the initial start and two more cautions before a single lap could be completed forced the field into a single-file start on the fourth attempt, with five competitors already sidelined. Cody Hauck started first and led the first two laps until giving up the point to Levi Peck on Lap 3. Only two more cautions slowed the field, Lap 5 and Lap 10, each time Peck pulled away from Hauck and took the win by several car lengths. Hauck held off John Braim for second, with Ken Duke in fourth and Mike Koehler fifth. In victory lane Peck stated he was happy he could bring home the win for the Path Valley regulars. The 270 Road Show has a lot of strong competitors, and it felt like when the World of Outlaws comes to Williams Grove.

Sixteen drivers took the green flag in the 600cc Micro Sprint feature, with Jimmy Brookens leading the way. Brookens led the first two laps, but was obviously struggling with a loose setup. Tyler Walton drove around Brookens exiting turn two on a Lap 3 restart. Chad Vanhorn passed Brookens for second one lap later. The two leaders pulled away from the rest of the field, with Walton leading by four car lengths. In the closing laps Walton’s paced was slowed when he caught the rear of the field, allowing Vanhorn to close the gap. Vanhorn got to within one car length but could not get any closer, and Walton claimed his second win of the year at Path Valley. Brookens held off Timmie Barrick for the third spot, and Al Potosky finished fifth. Walton and Brookens were the heat race winners.

Chris Anderson started second in the Mini Stock feature and led the way the first six laps. Meanwhile Rusty Garlock dropped from third to fourth at the start and then began working his way toward the front, passing Anderson for the lead on Lap 7. Driving the car normally driven by his dad, Ronnie, Garlock stayed in control to the finish to claim his first career win in the Mini Stock division.

Lyle Barnes started first and led every lap to win the 4- Cylinder Thunder Car feature. Barnes was closely followed by Tom Crum, Tony Hampton, Raymond Middaugh and Kyle Martin. Middaugh won the heat race.

Last week Justin Williamson, Gary Guise and Charlie Stallman finished three-wide at the line in the 4- Cylinder Strictly Stock feature. This week they were at it again. Williamson led the first eight laps and then swapped the lead with Stallman four times in the last 11 laps. Williamson made the final pass for the lead on Lap 19, and Guise also passed Stallman to finish second. Ellis Whitsel finished fourth, with Steven Jacobs close behind finishing fifth.

Doug Guise was the only 6-Cylinder Strictly Stock in attendance, giving him the win.

May 19 results

600cc Micro Sprint: 1. Tyler Walton (Mifflintown), 2. Chad Vanhorn, 3. Jimmy Brookens, 4. Timmie Barrick, 5. Alex Potosky, 6. Brian Sherrill, 7. Garrett Bard, 8. Mike Rynard, 9. Shelby Rowles, 10. Kris Walters, 11. Gunnar Layton, 12. Sierra Weaver, 13. Zane Walters, 14. Devin Beidel, 15. Darren Kauffman, 16. Geoff Gill.

270cc Micro Sprint Road Show: 1. Levi Peck (Orrstown), 2. Cody Hauck, 3. John Braim, 4. Ken Duke, 5. Mike Koehler, 6. Colby Dice, 7. Mark Leonard, 8. Cory Myers, 9. Josh Stoyer, 10. Denny Rinehimer, 11. Derrick Bowersox, 12. Mason Peters, 13. Darryl Beakler, 14. Eric Forsythe, 15. Gary Keister, 16. Jake Danneker, 17. Jeff Weaver, 18. Donald Werner, 19. Brian Marriott, 20. Jerry Palm, 21. Eric Leonard, 22. Sean McAndrew, 23. John Walp, 24. Chad Myers, 25. Troy Whitsel.

Mini Stock: 1. Rusty Garlock (Mapleton), 2. Chris Anderson, 3. Travis Semple, 4. Matt Williamson, 5. Jeff Arnesberger, 6. Shane Seville, 7. Jodie Varner, 8. Myachia Bookwalter.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Lyle Barnes (Chambersburg), 2. Tom Crum, 3. Tony Hampton, 4. Raymond Middaugh, 5. Kyle Martin, 6. Dalton McQuade.

4-Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Justin Williamson (Orbisonia), 2. Gary Guise, 3. Charlie Stallman, 4. Ellis Whitsel, 5. Steven Jacobs, 6. Scott Barker, 7. Eric Johnston, 8. Jonathan Middaugh, 9. Ryan Norris.

6-Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Doug Guise (East Berlin).

Coming up next weekend: Friday, May 25: 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, Street Stocks, and Late Models plus Driver Autograph and Fan Appreciation Night

Saturday, May 26: 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, 270cc & 600cc Micro Sprints, and 4-Cylinder & 6- Cylinder Strictly Stocks plus Driver Autograph and Fan Appreciation Night.

Sunday, May 26: Summerfest – 358 Sprints, Speed- STR’s, 270cc Micro Sprints, and Enduros 270 Road Show invades Path Valley

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