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Shaw, Daniels Win At Path Valley

By Rob Keller

Chase Shaw, 4-Cylinder Thunder Car winner Chase Shaw, 4-Cylinder Thunder Car winner Friday night Path Valley Speedway featured three winners, all in very different parts of their racing careers. One is a longtime veteran, adding another to his many wins. The second is in only his second year and achieved his first win. The third is a veteran of several stock car divisions that took a year off from racing, but has now returned.

Gary Dehart started second in the Mini Stock main event and powered around Jodie Varner for the lead at the drop of the green. Eric Seibert stayed within a car length of Dehart for the first 15 laps. While Dehart and Seibert battled for the lead, Ronnie Garlock and Ryan Laye were working their way toward the front and catching the leaders. With about five laps to go Garlock and Laye both slipped past Seibert, but only a lap later Garlock slowed and pulled to the pit area. Dehart was unchallenged the final few laps and led all 20 laps for the win. Laye finished second. Eric Grubb was credited for third when Seibert was disqualified for post-race contact. Bill Kennedy and Mike Hawbaker rounded out the top five. Seibert won the heat race.

Tony Daniels, Super Stock winner Tony Daniels, Super Stock winner In the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature Justin Rasp started first and pulled out to a sizeable lead until his engine shut off, and he pulled to the infield on lap 5. That gave Tony Hampton the lead and put Shaun Linn in second. Nathan Shaw passed Linn for second, but before he could reel in Hampton he also had mechanical failure and pulled to the infield. Chase Shaw then took over the chase for the lead, making up almost a full straightaway on the leader. Shaw bumped Hampton in the back bumper several times before finally going inside down the back stretch and completing the pass in turn three. Hampton retaliated by hitting Shaw in the back bumper as they went through turn four and Shaw spun out. Hampton was sent to the rear of the field and Shaw restarted first. After the restart Shaw easily pulled away from Linn, leading the final four laps to claim his first win ever. Robert Mc- Quade, Jason Pecho and Hampton completed the top five. The heat win went to Rasp.

The Street Stock feature was a two-car battle for the lead from start to finish. Tony Daniels started first, but went high in turn two on the start, and Ken Singer drove underneath and into the lead. Singer bobbled in turn two, and Daniels regained the lead on Lap 4. Daniels kept Singer a car length or two, behind until Singer started to close in with five laps to go. Coming out of turn four on Lap 18 Singer pulled inside of Daniels, but they made slight contact that sent Singer toward the infield. Singer regained control but lost several car lengths and finished second. The win was Daniels’ first after taking a year off from racing. Steve Lowery and Randy Wible raced hard for the third position through the middle of the race, with Lowery prevailing and finishing third. Wible appeared to slow, allowing Josh Gustaf to also get by and finish fourth, with Wible dropping to fifth.

May 7 results

Mini Stock: 1. Gary Dehart (Marion, Pa.), 2. Ryan Laye, 3. Eric Grubb, 4. Bill Kennedy, 5. Mike Hawbaker, 6. Shane Sixeas, 7. Ronnie Garlock, 8. Jodie Varner, 9. Shaun Patterson.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Chase Shaw (Hustontown), 2. Shaun Linn, 3. Robert McQuade, 4. Jason Pecho, 5. Tony Hampton, 6. Nathan Shaw, 7. Justin Rasp.

Street Stock: 1. Tony Daniels (Harrisonville), 2. Ken Singer, 3. Steve Lowery, 4. Josh Gustaf, 5. Randy Wible, 6. Joey Burdge.

Seven scheduled features and four makeups gave the fans in attendance at Path Valley Speedway more than their money’s worth. Not only were there more features in one night than some tracks run in a month, but many were decided with lastlap passes.

Raymond Middaugh led the entire 4-Cylinder Thunder Car makeup feature until a restart with one lap remaining. On the restart Middaugh’s right rear tire went flat, and Tom Crum took the lead and the win. Second through fifth went to Kyle Martin, Tony Hampton, Middaugh and John Rasp.

Colby Dice took the lead from Mark Mehalick on Lap 3 of the makeup feature for 270cc Micro Sprints. Levi Peck pressured Dice on several occasions, but Dice held his ground for the win. Adam Warner finished third, ahead of Eric Forsythe and Jerry Palm.

In the 4-Cylinder Strictly Stock makeup feature, Justin Williamson debuted a new car and came from the back of the field to take the lead on Lap 13 and then the win. After Williamson it was Steven Jacobs, Gary Guise, Ellis Whitsel and Eric Johnston.

Cory Wagner was awarded the win in the 6-Cylinder Strictly Stock makeup feature after Doug Guise was disqualified.

Timmie Barrick and Chad Vanhorn dueled for the lead in the 600cc Micro Sprint feature while Brock Zearfoss stayed close in third. With less than five laps to go Zearfoss moved to the high groove, passed Barrick for second on Lap 17 and drove around Vanhorn exiting turn two on the final lap to take the win. Garrett Bard finished in fourth and Mike Rynard in fifth.

Ryan Laye used a borrowed part from Gerald Varner to pass him on Lap 12 to win the two-car Mini Stock feature.

When second place starting Al Daniels spun-out on the original start, it moved Brooks Coleman into that slot. Coleman took full advantage, grabbing the lead at the drop of the green and leading all 20 laps for the win in the All-American Outlaws feature. Coleman was followed across the line by Tommy Crummitt, Tim Fake, Fred Cullum and Jessie Morrison.

Sean McAndrew slipped inside polesitter Levi Peck in turn one on the start of the 270cc Micro Sprint feature. The pass proved to be the winning move as McAndrew kept Peck at bay the entire 20 laps, which included nine restarts. Brandon Hawkins, Colby Dice, and Denny Rinehimer completed the top five.

The 4-Cylinder Strictly Stock feature may have been the most exciting race of the night. The top three came across the line side-by-side, with Charlie Stallman claiming the win by just over one foot. Gary Guise was in the middle of the three-wide sandwich and nosed out Justin Williamson by inches for second. Ellis Whitsel was fourth and Steven Jacobs fifth.

Doug Guise passed Cory Wagner on Lap 9 and led the remaining laps to win the 6- Cylinder Strictly Stock feature.

The final event of the night was the 4- Cylinder Thunder Car feature and the results flip-flopped from the makeup feature that started the night. Raymond Middaugh closely followed leader Tom Crum until he got his chance on Lap 18. Middaugh got to the inside of Crum and made the winning pass. Crum held on for second, ahead of Kyle Martin, Tony Hampton, and Dalton Mc- Quade.

May 12 results

4-Cylinder Thunder Car (makeup from April 14): 1. Tom Crum (Carlisle), 2. Kyle Martin, 3. Tony Hampton, 4. Raymond Middaugh, 5. John Rasp, 6. Jacob Carbaugh.

270cc Micro Sprint (makeup from April 14): 1. Colby Dice (Chambersburg), 2. Levi Peck, 3. Adam Warner, 4. Eric Forsythe, 5. Jerry Palm, 6. Cody Hackenberry, 7. Mark Mehalick, 8. Jack Thornton, 9. Cory Thornton, 10. Tyler Reich, 11. Jason Houtz, 12. Don Roush, 13. Rob Garvey.

4-Cylinder Strictly Stock (makeup from April 14): 1. Justin Williamson (Rockhill), 2. Steven Jacobs, 3. Gary Guise, 4. Ellis Whitsel, 5. Eric Johnston, 6. Scott Barker.

6-Cylinder Strictly Stock (makeup from April 14): 1. Cory Wagner (Amberson, Pa.).

600cc Micro Sprint: 1. Brock Zearfoss (Jonestown, Pa.), 2. Chad Vanhorn, 3. Timmie Barrick, 4. Garrett Bard, 5. Mike Rynard, 6. Shelby Rowles, 7. Jesse Snyder, 8. Kris Walters, 9. Devin Beidel, 10. Gunnar Layton, 11. Jake Hummel, 12. Kenny Edkin, 13. Shannon Fisher, 14. Kameron Morral, 15. Zane Walters, 16. Pat Kelly, 17. Rich Glosser.

Mini Stock: 1. Ryan Laye (Ft. Loudon), 2. Gerald Varner.

All-American Outlaws: 1. Brooks Coleman (Mt. Airy, Md.), 2. Tommy Crummitt, 3. Tim Fake, 4. Fred Cullum, 5. Jessie Morrison.

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Sean McAndrew (Apollo, Pa.), 2. Levi Peck, 3. Brandon Hawkins, 4. Colby Dice, 5. Denny Rinehimer, 6. Mason Peters, 7. Eric Forsythe, 8. Dave Hawkins, 9. Mark Mehalick, 10. Rob Garvey, 11. Scott Hawkins, 12. Tom Tice, 13. Chad Thomas, 14. Cory Thornton, 15. Jack Thornton, 16. Darell Troxell, 17. Ken Duke, 18. Jason Houtz, 19. Adam Warner, 20. Cody Hackenberry, 21. Jake Danneker, 22. Don Roush, 23. Tyler Reich, 24. Jerry Palm.

4-Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Charlie Stallman (Thompsontown, Pa.), 2. Gary Guise, 3. Justin Williamson, 4. Ellis Whitsel, 5. Steven Jacobs, 6. Eric Johnston, 7. Scott Barker, 8. Heith Rauch, 9. Jonathan Middaugh, 10. Barron Taylor.

6-Cylinder Strictly Stock: Doug Guise (East Berlin, Pa.), 2. Cory Wagner.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Raymond Middaugh (Rockhill, Pa.), 2. Tom Crum, 3. Kyle Martin, 4. Tony Hampton, 5. Dalton Mc- Quade, 6. Chas Clouser, 7. Chris Semple, 8. Andrew Long, 9. Jacob Carbaugh, 10. Shawn Fessler, 11. Justin Rasp.

Coming up next weekend: Friday, May 18: 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, Super Stocks and Sidewinder Sprints.

Saturday, May 19: 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, 4 and 6- Cylinder Strictly Stocks, 270cc, 600cc and Stock 600cc Micro Sprints.

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