2012-05-17 / Police Reports

Court Session Held May 8

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Judge Angela R. Krom of the 39th Judicial District and the Fulton County Court of Common Pleas presided over a court session held at the Fulton County Courthouse on Tuesday, May 8.

 David Cumming Meadows appeared in court last week for sentencing on charges related to driving under the influence. In reviewing the case with Judge Krom, Fulton County District Attorney Travis Kendall said a presentence report prepared by the probation office has revealed that Meadows was arrested three times in Maryland for drunk driving over a two-day period in February. The matter was not brought to the court’s attention when Meadows came to court previously for entry of a plea.

Krom stated at the time of his plea agreement she was impressed with his commitment and under those circumstances house arrest would have been an appropriate sentence. With the revelation of the probation office’s report, the judge ordered the Frederick County, Md., man to 60 months of intermediate punishment. The sentence will get under way with 12 months incarceration in the Franklin County Prison during which Meadows will be eligible for work release.

In addition, Meadows will pay $88 to Fulton County Medical Center, $300 to the Substance Abuse Fund, $200 to MCare, $10 to EMS and a $25-per-month supervision fee.

 Willard Claude Clark waived arraignment proceedings held on charges of driving under the influence, a Tier 3 third offense. Clark pleaded guilty and is scheduled to be sentenced June 19.

Kendall stated that if it was possible, he would like the defendant to receive an intermediate punishment program sentence, which could include a period of imprisonment and SCRAM.

Fulton County Public Defender Dwight Harvey stated Clark has had multiple DUI arrests but no other prior criminal history. Furthermore, Clark reportedly has a good employment history and continues to support his estranged wife and children.

Clark’s arrest occurred in mid-March when he crashed into another vehicle while driving under the influence. There was no serious bodily injury to the other driver. Clark’s blood alcohol content was .18 percent.

 Monica Jean Fletcher appeared in court last Tuesday for arraignment on charges of making false reports. Fletcher said state police investigators were told she was “ slapped and scratched” by her husband on March 14. She stated she later informed police her husband never touched her.

In entering a guilty plea to the charge, Fletcher was sentenced to 12 months probation as well as $150 to Fulton County and a $25-permonth supervision fee. The court announced her supervision could be terminated after six months if she remains in compliance.

 Justin Richard Hollabaugh appeared for formal arraignment on charges of possession of a small amount of marijuana, the use or possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance and three summary offenses.

 Tyler Brooks Horton waived arraignment and entered a not-guilty plea to one count each of simple assault and harassment. Horton’s case dates back to December 28, 2011, and involves allegations he headbutted and struck a female victim with his hands.

Horton discussed with the judge whether he would be obtaining the services of the county public defender or another defense attorney. Launching into several discussions on the justice system and the need for individuals to understand the laws they are subject to, Krom in turn threatened Horton with being in contempt of court.

He will next appear in court on July 10 for call of the criminal trial list.

 Terry Lynn Zeger was sentenced to two days in the Franklin County Prison through the weekender program and 10 hours community service in connection with one count of recklessly endangering another person. The charge was added to a list of charges filed after Zeger was arrested for driving under the influence in December 2011. The amendment was made, according to the district attorney, to allow Zeger to maintain his driver’s license as well as his employment with PennDOT.

In addition, it was noted the reckless endangerment charge carried the same sentence as drunk driving. Furthermore, Kendall noted the driving-under-the-influence case will be revisited at a later date to ensure that Zeger was able to comply with the sentence for reckless endangerment. The sentence also included various fines and costs such as $300 in fines, $88 to Fulton County Medical Center, a $25-per-month supervision fee and $150 for Central Booking.

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