2012-05-10 / Local & State

Tuesday County Agenda Varied

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

The Fulton County commissioners attended to a varied agenda Tuesday, handing down decisions on everything from cabinetry to borrowing money.

In meeting with county solicitor Stanley Kerlin, the commissioners signed off on the final bank loan note that will enable the county to borrow a total of $1.4 million for ongoing renovations of existing county facilities. As a follow-up to the borrowing paperwork, Kerlin took time to discuss the possession of historic judicial seats. Kerlin reported a request has been sent to the county Historical Society for the chairs to be given to the local Bar Association.

In reviewing items that could be placed for sale through the county on-line auction, business manager Tim Stanton presented the commissioners with a photo of a wooden-wheel mechanism that was previously used to toll the bell in the courthouse bell tower. Several feet in diameter, the wheel was reportedly not reinstalled in the bell tower during the renovation process.

Commissioner Irvin Dasher suggested the large wheel be hung in a county facility alongside a placard denoting its former placement and use. In making the suggestion, Dasher noted the item could have some “antique value.”

The commissioners agreed to temporarily store the item instead of selling or giving it away.

Stanton went on to discuss the newly revised construction budget based on conversations with the commissioners last week. Some funding is being saved by having the work being completed in-house, Stanton said.

He noted that he did not believe the borrowing would be drawn down to the full $1.4 million but probably closer to $1.291 million. In addition, he didn’t believe the contingency fund would be spent as he did not anticipate any hidden conditions.

Stanton touched on the gypsy moth spray program overseen locally by program coordinator Earle Yearsley. According to the business manager, Yearsley has been paid in the past on a daily rate for field work. With the gypsy moth population on the decline in recent years due to spraying, it was noted the county will not be spending as much money as anticipated for field work.

The commissioners convened as the county Safety Committee along with fellow members Ruth Strait, Christine McQuade, Dan Miller, Stanton and local insurance agent Bobby Snyder. Stanton said that a previously applied-for matching grant will bring $10,000 in funding to the county through the PCorp loss prevention grant. The money has been earmarked for new sidewalks and parking lot improvements at Annex #1. The improvements could improve both traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

Snyder announced one workman’s compensation claim has been filed since the last Safety Committee meeting. The claim was filed by a Services for Children employee, who suffered a fall during a home visit.

The commissioners sat down with Pam Bageant and Cathy Eaden of the Buck Valley Park Association Board of Directors. The woman provided the commissioners with an overlook of their vision and future upgrade plans for the park’s facilities.

A quote from C. Hess & Sons Cabinets Inc. of Greencastle in the amount of $6,565 was accepted as presented. The company will be responsible for completing cabinetry in the Treasurer’s Office vault.

Alan Smith, executive director of the tri-county Area Agency on Aging, updated the commissioners on a meeting recently attended that addressed preventing the financial scamming of senior citizens. Smith also referenced a request by the Agency’s food service company, The Nutrition Group, to increase their contract by 3 percent.

The commissioners met behind closed doors for around 50 minutes with chief clerk Dan Swain to review personnel issues. No action was taken upon reconvening.

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