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18th Camp Cadet Set For June 3-8

DA Travis Kendall to give commencement address
By Jean Snyder

Fulton County Camp Cadet Association’s 18th annual Camp Cadet class members will report to Camp Sinoquipe, located near Fort Littleton, on Sunday, June 3.

Forty cadets, 20 males and 20 females between the ages of 12- 15, have been selected from the county’s three school districts and will report for the week-long camping session sponsored jointly by the Pennsylvania State Police at the McConnellsburg station and by the county’s social services agencies and schools.

This year’s activities will culminate on Friday, June 8, with a lakeside graduation ceremony to be held at 6:00 p.m. This year’s graduation address will be deliv- ered by Fulton County District Attorney Travis L. Kendall.

A Fulton County native, Kendall was first elected to the district attorney position in 2011, and prior to that had a private law office in McConnellsburg.

The public is invited to attend Friday evening’s graduation ceremonies.

Campers will spend the week in four squads of 10 campers each. Squad leaders will be Pennsylvania State Police officers and representatives from local social services agencies. Four senior cadets chosen from previous classes will also assist with the squads.

This year, 18 students from Southern Fulton, 12 from Central Fulton and 10 from Forbes Road have been chosen to participate.

These cadets (by their resident school district) will report to camp this year:

Southern Fulton: Austin Miller, Jeremiah Ashkettle, Tanner Barton, Nicholas Bell, Isaiah Clark, Dalton Strait, Devin Clark, Janelle Appel, Heaven Bradley, Hannah Bishop, Kaelani Castle, Jerrica Grance, Ashlyn Gregory, Alison Hendershot, Krista Kreps, Sierra Lashley, Elisha Powell and Hollie Williams.

Central Fulton: Ty Keller, Gage Mellott, Christopher Strait, Gage Coy, Garrett Danfelt, Logan Souders, Antuane Babcock, Serena Largent, Morgan Kendall, Courtney Seville, Abby Strayer and Katelyn Harman.

Forbes Road: Lane Kendall, Landon Mixell, Michael Black, Steven Lynn, Lane Ulsh, Heath Hilbert, Kyra Duvall, Lena Duvall, Olivia McElwee and Lilie Wilt.

The senior cadets include: Zachery Fittry, Zachary Peck, Morghan Taylor and Cora Wilt. Fittry, Taylor and Wilt are from the Forbes Road School District while Peck is from the Central Fulton School District. Eight alternate cadets, four male and four female, were also chosen in the event that any of the original 40 cadets chosen cannot attend.

This year’s camping activities will include programs by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) K-9 Unit, the PSP Mounted Unit, primitive Indian folklore, presentations by the Game Commission, the Army National Guard helicopter,

FBI, the county fire companies and a program on stream studies. The youths will also be given instruction on the shooting range and water activities will also be held. The always-popular triathlon will be held again this year from 9:30 a.m. to noon on Thursday and a dance for the cadets will also be held again on Thursday evening.

Camp Cadet is a “disciplined” military-style boot camp held each year in Fulton County. All students between the ages of 12- 15 are invited to apply. All staff is volunteer, and the camping experience is free to the campers each year. Funds to operate the camp are solicited through fundraisers by the association.

The Fulton County Camp Cadet Association’s board of directors includes Cpl. William Baker, president; Randy Clever, vice president; Christine Mc- Quade, secretary; Brent Pistner, treasurer; and board members Jack Rhodes, Don Eisaman, Lori Lupey, Judy Eisaman, Nancy Younker, Carol McCarty, Trooper Jeff Remeikas and Trooper Joe Horton.

Don Eisaman (PSP-Ret.) will serve as this year’s camp director.

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