2012-05-10 / Correspondents' Notes


By Karen

Birthday wishes to Earl Martin, Katherine Hollibaugh, Ryan Grissinger, Barb Swope, Pam Cornelius, Nicholas Watkins, Bon Scott Booher, William Group, Minerva Park, Madison Johnson, Jody Skinner and Courtney Shehan.

Anniversary wishes to George and Naomi Winnick, Dusty and Sandy Hilbert and Nick and Shannon Brown.

Get-well wishes to Nina Roher, Angie Cook, Eloise Swope, Bob Hoffman, Penny Chilcote, Jim Mills and Lynn Knepper.

Irene Park, Donna Locke, Ruth Grissinger, Terri Grissinger, Tammy Martin and George and Heather Locke attended a baby shower for Tiffany Moore on Sunday afternoon at the Outreach Center.

Recent visitors with Steve, Karen and Terri Grissinger were Edsel Hamman, Donna Locke, Tom and Mamie Streightiff, Travis Madden, Brent Carlson, Ramon and Tammy Martin and Tracey and Tanner Fields. Tanner was happy to visit and sad to leave.

Tammy Martin and Karen and Terri Grissinger participated in the Dirty Girl 3K Mud Run in Scranton on Saturday. Yes, it really was muddy, and yes, Karen really did participate. The girls were ahead of mom but she kept up pretty well despite the many obstacles – hay bales, tires, ropes, walls, nets and rope climbs as well as several muddy pits. Over 8,000 participants were registered for the one-day event with some proceeds going to cancer research.

Brian, Emily, Micah and Adeline Ramsey, Terry and Trudy Fix and Thane Fix and Chelsea visited with Roger and Pat Ramsey on Sunday afternoon.

Angel Wings will be hosting the second annual Matt Murphy benefit ride and pig roast Saturday, June 9, at Harper’s Memorial Park, with riders leaving at noon. The event will open to the public at 4:30 p.m. All proceeds will benefit Penny Chilcote.

A special thank-you is extended to everyone who helped support the Bradley Gilliland chicken barbecue scholarship fundraiser on Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day to all this Sunday. Hope it includes dinner out and some well-deserved rest.

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