2012-05-03 / Sports

Great Cove Golf News

The Fulton County Chamber Spring Tournament was held Friday at Great Cove Golf Crouse.

First place honors went to Colby Winters, Dane Hoffman, Rich Smith and Cory Houck with a score of 60.

Second place team winners were Cory Hill, Chris Washabaugh, Bill Washabaugh and Bernie Washabaugh with a score of 61.

Third place went to Mitch Ott, Carl Paylor, Jamie Greathead and John Mixell with a score of 62.

Fourth place winners were Adam Frank, Vic Erickson, Todd Earley and James Whittington with a 63 by match of cards.

The team of Colby Fry, Tim Fry, Bill Weaver and Don Fry were named Most Honest Team with a 79 score.

Winner of the putting contest was David Horst, 2’11”; longest drive on #1 - Mike Rook; closest to the pin on #4 – Russell Harmon; closest to the pin # 6 - Sam Burke; closest to the pin #12 - Eric Fisher and closest to the pin #16 - Andy Ritchey.

The chamber’s summer tournament will be held Friday, August 17 at 1 p.m.

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