2012-04-26 / Local & State

Presidential GOP Hopeful Cheered On In Penna.

By Kevin Begos

PITTSBURGH (AP) – Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul got a spirited reception Friday from a capacity crowd of about 2,300 people at the University of Pittsburgh.

Known as a Texan with libertarian views, Paul was born and raised in Pittsburgh and his mostly young crowd broke into cheers several times during his speech.

When Paul spoke about the cost of foreign wars and the toll on servicemen and women, the crowd broke into a chant of “ Bring them home. Bring them home.”

The candidate also tried to appeal to both liberals and conservatives by suggesting the U.S. Federal Reserve banking system and drug laws be eliminated. He didn't mention his local roots.

Some area residents remember him as high school student council president and track star in the early 1950s.

The Paul campaign says it has raised more than $10 million in the first quarter this year and has zero debt. But Paul is far behind the expected nominee Mitt Romney in number of delegates.

Still, some of his followers aren't ready to concede defeat.

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