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Voter Turnout Light At Tuesday Primary Election

Romney gets nod from local Republicans
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

With fewer than one-third of the state’s registered Democrats and Republicans expected to turn out at the polls Tuesday, Fulton County recorded slightly higher voter participation numbers here in this presidential spring election.

At the close of the evening April 24, unofficial results from Fulton County’s 13 voting precincts showed 36.5 percent of registered GOP and Democratic voters cast a vote.

Registered Republicans further solidified Mitt Romney’s case for the party’s presidential nominee. Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, received just shy of 50 percent of the overall votes here with 671.

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum who once represented the commonwealth as a United States senator, received a whopping 25 percent of the vote equating to 339 votes.

Fellow presidential Republican candidates Newt Gingerich and Ron Paul finished out the election in Fulton County with 172 and 167 votes respectively.

Of course, President Barack Obama in his re-election campaign received 74 percent of the votes here. A total of 103 write-in votes were cast in comparison to Obama’s 299.

On the Republican ticket for United States senator, Tom Smith received 461 votes, while Sam Rohrer followed with 256. Steven D. Welch garnered 163 votes for senate, and David Alan Christian and Marc A. Scaringi had 157 and 151 votes.

Democrats had their choice between incumbent Bob Casey Jr. for U.S. Senate and Joseph John Vodvarka. Vodvarka, however, did not receive a favorable response in Fulton County where only 83 registered Democrats gave him a nod for the party’s nomination. Casey closed out the day with an overwhelming 410 votes.

David J. Freed, Republican candidate for state attorney general, received 1,047. On the Democratic ballot Kathleen Kane and Patrick Murphy battled for their party’s nomination. Kane closed out the election here with 285 votes in comparison to 196 for Murphy.

John Maher, Republican candidate for auditor general received a favorable response in rural Fulton County with 679 votes. Competitor Frank A. Pinto had 413 votes.

The winner of that race will square off against Eugene A. Depasquale, who was uncontested on the April 24 spring primary ballot. Depasquale clinched 380 votes from Fulton County’s registered Democrats.

Meanwhile, Republican Diana Irey Vaughan and Democrat Robert M. McCord had 1,047 and 400 votes respectively. The duo will face off this November for state treasurer.

U.S. Congressman Bill Shuster received 982 votes for the Ninth Congressional District. Independent write-in candidate Karen Ramsburg faired well during the election. While final results will not be available until later in the week, unofficial reports show a total of 234 write-in votes were cast by Republicans. In addition, Democrats recorded 273 write-in votes.

An uncontested Rep. Dick Hess of the 78th District of the General Assembly received 1,223 votes from Republicans. Furthermore, 140 write-in votes were cast for the position by Democrats, the majority likely being for Hess.

Registered Republicans were instructed to vote for up to three candidates for delegate to the Republican National Convention. The delegate positions represent the Ninth Congressional District.

Coming out on top here were Rep. Hess with 991 votes and Congressman Shuster following with 735 votes. Senator Richard Alloway II of the 33rd Senatorial District was the third-highest vote recipient with 30 votes.

Others receiving votes here for delegate were Joan Smith (317 votes), Bob L. Thomas (180), Meryle-Lynn Epps (165), Audra Cruder (147), Judy F. Ward (105), Mary S. Burkholder (102), Richard A. Geist (99), Alan N. Campbell (71) and Wade A. Kagarise (47).

Having campaigned in the area in the days leading up to the election, Travis G. Schooley garnered the largest amount of votes cast in county for alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention. Schooley had 581 votes, and McConnellsburg resident Randolph I. Keefer followed with 435 votes. Mark A. Brown received 434 votes.

Others receiving votes for alternate delegate were Patricia J. Gambol (306 votes), Debbie Shuster King (298), Judy F. Ward (235), Bruce K. Kelley (233), Bruce R. Erb (89) and Bernadette S. Comfort (76).

Democrats not only had less of a selection in voting for their delegate to the Democratic National Convention but were also instructed to vote for up to six candidates. With six candidates appearing on the ballot, Patrician Jane Jones finished here with 308 votes. Lauren E. Mahoney followed with 277 votes, and Jack Hanna and Cybil E. Moore coincidentally finished with 271 votes each. James T. Davis and Al Ambrosini rounded out the day with 262 and 246 votes respectively.

Republican voters had the option this spring to vote for township committee persons. Voters could vote for up to three candidates in their township. Those receiving votes on Tuesday included:

Ayr Township

- James F. Smith, 111
-Nancy D. Suders, 106
-Karen Sue Schooley, 104

Belfast Township

-Edgar Yates, 119
- Jacqueline Yates, 105

Bethel Township

-Rebecca L. Mellott, 103
- Joseph M. Hagerty, 64
-Mary M. Hagerty, 54

Dublin Township

-Mikeal A. Fix, 83
-Troy M. Miller, 58
-Bonnie S. Miller, 54

Licking Creek Township

-Ronald P. Swope, 106
-Penny Kipp, 82
- Joey L. Helser, 66

McConnellsburg Borough

-Tina A. Washabaugh, 57
-Catherine E. Washabaugh, 54

Taylor Township

-Cree Fix, 98

Todd Township

-Lisa Mellott-McConahy, 75
-Samuel A. Metz, 64
-Randolph I. Keefer, 53

Wells Township

-William F. Peffer, 57
-Glenn Ford, 52.
The Fulton County Board of
Elections comprised of county
commissioners is tentatively
scheduled to convene Friday to
certify the results.

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