2012-04-26 / Church News

Jehovah’s Witnesses Attend Special Assembly Day

“Doing God’s will has to be our priority!” That was the determination expressed by Jehovah’s Witnesses locally after attending a daylong seminar at the Christian Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Grantville, Pa., east of Harrisburg.

According to Dan Ritondo, a local congregation elder, there were at least 52 Witnesses of all ages from the McConnellsburg congregation who attended the event as families.

The theme, “Let Your Will Take Place,” taken from the “Lord’s Prayer,” found in Matthew 6:9, was emphasized throughout the educational program, consisting of prayer, Bible-based talks, skits, interviews, songs of praise to Jehovah, and a public baptism of those newly dedicating their lives to the doing of God’s will.

According to Yarwood, “It would be impossible to fulfill the purpose of our existence without learning and doing the will of Jehovah God. And that is not always easy, because of our environment and our imperfect flesh.”

He pointed out that the program presented practical information from the Bible to help all in attendance enjoy a rich, satisfying life by making the doing of God’s will their priority in life. There were a total of 780 in attendance. All sessions were free, no collections, and open to the public.

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