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Path Valley Speedway Results

By Bob Vores

Tim Smith Jr.’s winning percentage remains consistent this season following his second win at Path Valley Speedway on Friday night that trailed an Allegany County triumph last Saturday. Overall, the McVeytown, Pa., Late Model driver is three wins for four track efforts so far.

Hopewell’s Dave Brown finally won out in the Street Stock feature after swapping the lead back and forth with Ken Singer. Third-generation driver Keith Walls of St. Thomas took over on the fifth lap of the mini stocks to record his first win, while Hustontown’s Nathan Shaw led all the way to score the Thundercar event.

With an inverted 10-car start, Wes Bonebrake was on the outside pole and edged ahead of Kenny Yoder, but Smith took second on the next circuit as the two pulled away from Danny Snyder and Tim Burkholder. Bonebrake continued to hold Smith a few lengths behind as he closed on rear traffic on the 11th lap. Three laps later, Bonebrake chose the high line to pass a rear car and got shoved high while Smith quickly steered into the hole left on the bottom and walked away with the lead. Snyder powered by Bonebrake following a 19th lap restart and yellows on laps 21 and 22 gave Snyder the opportunity, but he couldn’t cash in on them and settled for second.

“We were good,” Smith Jr. said. “He got the lead and pulled away and then we got to lapped cars. We split that one and it left a hole and that was what I needed.”

Bonebrake, George Dixon Jr. and Fedder completed the top five. Kyle Wiser and Fedder were the heat race winners.

On the initial Street Stock start with a six-car inversion, contact was made in the first turn with polesitter Steve Harlon getting turned around and losing a left rear wheel while Dave Brown moved to the pole following a Tom Wakefield jump. Brown powered into the lead, with Singer taking second from first-week winner Steve Lowery on the second lap. Brown and Singer traded the top spot numerous times before Brown finally locked up the spot for the final five laps as Lowery retook second from Singer with three to go. Brad Long and Josh Gustaf completed the top five.

In a heads-up start, Matt Williamson powered around Eric Seibert to lead the second lap, but Walls moved into second following a second ap restart and grabbed the lead on the fifth circuit. Ronnie Garlock took second from Williamson on the 17th lap but finished two lengths behind Walls. Bill Kennedy, Denny Cramer and Williamson completed the front five. Seibert was the heat winner.

Nathan Shaw started from the outside pole on a two-car inversion as he beat D.J. Keefer on the start. The race was red-flagged on the 12th lap with Jason Pecho running second. He climbed the wall off the second turn and did a quick flip and landed on all four. Shaw continued to stretch his lead in the final laps and won by 10 lengths. Shaun Linn was third and the only other car running. Shaw was the heat winner.

April 13 results

Late Models: 1. Tim Smith Jr (McVeytown, Pa.) 2. Danny Snyder, 3. Wes Bonebrake, 4. George Dixon Jr., 5. Tim Fedder, 6. Randy Burkholder, 7. Kyle Wiser, 8. Tim Burkholder, 9. Kenny Yoder, 10. Dan Sollers, 11. Steve Bailor, 12. Brian Lessley.

V8 Super Stock: 1. Dave Brown (Hopewell, Pa.) 2. Steve Lowery, 3. Ken Singer, 4. Brad Long, 5. Josh Gustaf, 6. Tom Wakefield, 7. Joey Burdge, 8. Steve Harlon.

Mini Stock: 1. Keith Walls (St. Thomas), 2. Ronnie Garlock, 3. Bill Kennedy, 4. Danny Cramer, 5. Matt Williamson, 6. Eric Grubb, 7. Shane Seville, 8. Eric Seibert.

4 Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Nathan Shaw (Hustontown) 2. D.J. Keefer, 3. Shaun Linn, 4. Jason Pecho, 5. Tony Hampton, 6. Chase Shaw.

Upcoming events April 20-21

Friday, April 20: 270cc Micro Sprints, 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, Late Models, and V8 Super Stocks.

Saturday, April 21: 270cc, 600cc and 600cc Stock Micro Sprints, 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, and 4-Cylinder and 6-Cylinder Strictly Stocks.

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