2012-04-19 / Local & State

Safe Kids Week April 22-28


Children have high rates of emergency room visits related to sports injuries every year, and Fulton County Center for families wants to reduce this statistic through educating not only the kids but also the parents.

Here are some ways Safe Kids Fulton County is participating in prevention of sports injuries:

Literacy education to coaches through brochures.

Coaches should be trained in first aid and CPR and should have a plan for responding to emergencies.

Coaches should be wellversed in the proper use of equipment and should enforce rules on equipment use.

Donation of water bottles to summer sports to reduce heat exhaustion.

Proper hydration and recognition of heat illness signs and symptoms (such as nausea, dizziness and elevated body temperature) can help reduce the risk of severe sports-related heat illness.

Helmet fittings at community events.

Helmets have been shown to reduce the risk of concussion, particularly in sports such as football, skiing and snowboarding.

By educating parents, coaches and young athletes about sports-injury prevention we can eliminate injuries related to dehydration, overuse and acute injury and concussions.

This way parents will be able to recognize the signs and symptoms the injuries may present with and a proper response.

Also, so parents have the basic knowledge to have the ability to talk with coaches or other parents about any safety concerns that may need to be modified to make the activity a safer environment for all.

Visit www.safekids.org for more sports safety information or call Fulton County Center for Families at 717-485-5038, Ext. 1.

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