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Path Valley Results

By Rob Keller

The Super Stock division is proving to be one of the most competitive classes at Path Valley Speedway early in the 2012 season. But even so, Adam Imes has claimed the win in both races that have been run so far.

Curtis Guyer started on the pole and led the first four laps of the Super Stock feature. Just as in the heat race, Guyer, Carl Miller and Imes went door-to-door for several laps until Imes took control onLap 5. With two laps to go Guyer slowed going down the backstretch and the right-rear wheel came off. Imes just missed the loose wheel, but Miller was not as lucky, and the contact blew out both right side tires. Miller’s crew changed both tires under caution and he returned to finish fourth. Tim Wagner subbed for Ray Duffy and finished fifth.

In the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car class D.J. Keefer and Nathan Shaw ran literally bumper-to-bumper for nearly the entire 20 laps of the feature. Shaw started third and Keefer fourth, but Keefer got past the front row first to grab the lead. Shaw was right behind, and very often was pushing Keefer down the straights. Keefer held his line and held Shaw at bay to grab his first win of 2012. Shaun Linn posted a strong third-place finish ahead of Tony Hampton and Jason Pecho. The race was redflagged on Lap 10 when Robert McQuade suddenly turned right exiting turn two and went head first into the outside wall. McQuade got out of the car under his own power, but was going to the hospital to be checked out.

Sean McAndrew dominated the unusually small field of 270cc Micro Sprints, winning the heat race and leading all 20 laps of the feature for his second win this year at Path Valley.

The Mini Stock feature was all Frankie Gordon. Gordon started fourth, had the lead before the first lap was complete, and was leading the nonstop event by over a straightaway when it was over.

April 6 results

Super Stock: 1. Adam Imes (Mifflin, Pa.), 2. A.J. Verno, 3. Shawn Gill, 4. Carl Miller, 5. Tim Wagner, 6. Shyann Bard, 7. Joe Daywalt, 8. Curtis Guyer, 9. Austin Johnson.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. D.J. Keefer (McConnellsburg), 2. Nathan Shaw, 3. Shaun Linn, 4. Tony Hampton, 5. Jason Pecho, 6. Robert McQuade, 7. Chase Shaw.

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Sean McAndrew (Apollo, Pa.), 2. Colby Dice, 3. Levi Peck, 4. Jason Houtz.

Mini Stock: 1. Frankie Gordon (Ft. Loudon), 2. Troy Cramer, 3. Keith Walls, 4. Ronnie Garlock, 5. Eric Seibert, 6. Bill Kennedy, 7. Eric Grubb, 8. Shane Seville.

The Classic Racing Series and the PA Sprint Series both made their first stop at Path Valley Speedway in 2012 Saturday night.

The Mini Stocks got the show under way, and Frankie Gordon led all 20 laps to get his second win in as many nights at Path Valley.

Devin Beidel was working on winning for the second week in a row, starting on the pole and leading the first 13 laps. Timmie Barrick was close behind and when Beidel’s engine started losing fluid on Lap 14 he was right there to take over the lead. After Barrick the top five went to Gunnar Layton, Alex Potosky, Chandler Leiby and Kameron Morral.

The PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint Car feature was a three-car battle for the lead that ended up with none of them winning. Marcus Defreitas started first but was quickly being challenged by Mike Wagner. Then Logan Wagner joined in the hunt and the three-way battle for position was on. Defreitas held the lead until Logan Wagner dove to the bottom of turn one and led Lap 13. On Lap 14 all three got tangled together for just a moment, and in that moment Tyler Bear powered by all three and into the lead. Bear then pulled away and led by nearly a full straightaway at the finish. Logan Wagner finished second, Defreitas third, Mike Wagner fourth and Mark Watkins fifth.

Jason Houtz won his first feature of 2012 in the 270cc Micro Sprint division. Tom Tice continued his return from retirement with a second place finish, ahead of Jerry Palm, Don Roush and Jack Thornton.

Raymond Middaugh took the lead from John Rasp on Lap 2 of the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car main event. Kyle Martin moved into second the next lap, but was never able to mount a serious challenge for the lead, with Middaugh winning by several seconds at the finish. Tony Hampton rounded out the top five, while Rasp won the heat race.

The best event of the evening arguably could have been the last, which was the Classic Racing Series feature. Bill Brown Sr. started first and had a comfortable lead when his car lost power just past halfway. Matt Wallace inherited the lead on Lap 11 and was pulling away while Brandon Little and Steve Cantwell went at it for second. A caution with two laps remaining gave Little one more shot, and he took it. Wallace won the first of five scheduled events for the Classic Racing Series at Path Valley this year.

April 7 results

Mini Stock: 1. Frankie Gordon (Ft. Loudon), 2. Ronnie Garlock, 3. Eric Seibert, 4. Myachia Bookwalter.

600cc Micro Sprint: 1. Timmie Barrick (Shippensburg), 2. Gunnar Layton, 3. Alex Potosky, 4. Chandler Leiby, 5. Kameron Morral, 6. Garrett Bard, 7. Shelby Rowles, 8. Devin Beidel.

305 Sprint: 1. Tyler Bear (Elliottsburg, Pa.), 2. Logan Wagner, 3. Marcus Defreitas, 4. Mike Wagner, 5. Mark Watkins, 6. Tyler Lebo, 7. George Riden, 8. Tim Dietz, 9. Steve Kenawell, 10. Lance Newlin, 11. Kyle Lloyd, 12. Eric Parker, 13. Jim Kennedy.

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Jason Houtz (Mifflintown), 2. Tom Tice, 3. Jerry Palm, 4. Don Roush, 5. Jack Thornton, 6. Adam Warner, 7. Cody Hackenberry, 8. Cory Thornton, 9. Andy Knouse, 10. Eric Forsythe, 11. Tyler Reich.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Raymond Middaugh (Rockhill), 2. Kyle Martin, 3. Tom Crum, 4. John Rasp, 5. Tony Hampton, 6. Justin Bucher.

Classic Racing Series: 1. Matt Wallace (Mt. Airy, Md.), 2. Steve Cantwell, 3. Neal Reamer, 4. Ron Grove, 5. Bill Marinelli, 6. Pete Neal, 7. Vince Crocker, 8. Charlie Weaver, 9. Brandon Little, 10. Charlie Summers, 11. Bill Brown Sr.

Coming up next weekend:

Friday, April 13: 270cc Micro Sprints, 4- Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, Late Models and Street Stocks

Saturday, April 14: 270cc, 600cc, and 600cc Stock Micro Sprints, 4- Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, and 4-Cylinder and 6-Cylinder Strictly Stocks

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