2012-04-12 / Correspondents' Notes


By Karen Grissinger

Birthday wishes this week to Destinie Ramsey, Esther Grissinger, Thelma Shoop, Cameron Locke, Lucas Hale,

Lindsey Hall,

Abby Hann,

Joe Diehl,

Steve Mills,

Heidi Roude, Rodney Roher, Nancy Greenland and Kay Anderson.

Anniversary wishes to Leo and Almeda Nead, Mark and Cherry Hale, Roy and Glenda Anderson, and John and Penne Edgell.

Get well wishes to Brenda Park, Penny Chilcote, Angie Cook, Jenn Jenkins, Eloise Swope, Nina Roher, Bob Hoffman and Lynn Knepper.

Huldah and Betty Streightiff, John, Gayle and Katie Young, Shawn, Cody, Ella and Alle Young, Jimmy and Ruth Ann Allison, and Tom and Mamie Streightiff enjoyed dinner on Saturday evening at the Allensville Family Restaurant.

Buzz and Bea Covert hosted Easter lunch for Fred and Sharon Horne, Andy, Tasha, Shaine, Kean and Miah Goshorn, and Travis and Angela Madden.

Gordon and Donna Locke celebrated Easter on Saturday evening with George and Heather Locke, Irene Park, Ruth Grissinger, Brandon Ramsey, James Locke and Tiffany, Justin Locke and Adam, Amanda, Toryn, Cameron and Brayden Locke.

Recent visitors with Steve, Karen and Terri Grissinger were Gordon and Donna Locke, Tom and Mamie Streightiff, and Ramon and Tammy Martin.

On Friday evening, Travis and Angela Madden, Tom and Mamie Streightiff, Ramon and Tammy Martin, Terri Grissinger and Steve and Karen Grissinger enjoyed dinner with Brent and JoAnn Carlson at the Crazy Horse restaurant in Hagers-town.

Sunday dinner guests in the home of Roger and Pat Ramsey were Brian, Emily, Micah and Adelyn Ramsey, Trudy and Terry Fix, Charles, Linda and Casey McQuait, and Tricia, Craig, Mason and Alex Long. The kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt in the afternoon.

Happy belated birthday and welcome home wishes (even though only for a weekend) to Clay Cantrell, who is serving in the armed forces, currently in New York. Sunday visitors with Clay, John, Tammy, Jayla, Jenny and Cole Cantrell were Dodie Price, Ruth Grissinger, Dorina Varner, Pappy and MeMe Varner, Todd and Colby Varner, and many more.

Betty Ramsey, Kim and Ed Stevens, and Heath, Luke and Oliver Forslund enjoyed Easter dinner and an egg hunt with Joe, Melanie, Cody and Dison Myers on Sunday afternoon.

A wonderful community Good Friday service was held at Orbisonia UMC with talent from Nazarene Church, Church of God and Prophecy and Sugar Run Baptist Church, as well UMC chancel choir.

Dodie Price visited Ruth Grissinger this weekend.

Angel Wings will host the second annual Matt Murphy benefit ride and pig roast Saturday, June 9, at Harper’s Memorial Park, with riders leaving at noon. The event will open to the public at 4:30 p.m. All proceeds will benefit Penny Chilcote.

A large gathering of children and adults enjoyed an egg hunt at Immanuel Bible Church on Friday morning followed by a light lunch. A big thank-you goes out to everyone who helped organize and prepare for the event.

Three Springs Fire Co. will hold a chicken barbecue Sunday, April 29.

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