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Path Valley Speedway Results

By Rob Keller

Justin Rasp, 4-Cylinder Thunder Car winner. Justin Rasp, 4-Cylinder Thunder Car winner. There are two races in the books, and Jeremy Ott has made two trips to victory lane in the 4- Cylinder Thunder Car division at Path Valley Speedway.

The Mini Stocks started the night with a bumper-to-bumper battle between Frankie Gordon and Gary Dehart. Gordon took the lead on Lap 2 and held off the relentless pressure of Dehart until Gordon started to lose power with four laps remaining. Dehart took over the lead on Lap 17 and cruised to a straightaway-length win over Matt Williamson. Ronnie Garlock finished third. Eric Seibert was close behind Dehart until he slowed with mechanical problems with two laps to go and finished fourth. Gordon was credited with fifth. Eric Seibert was the heat winner.

Steve Lowery started and finished the Street Stock feature in strong fashion. Taking the early lead, Lowery lead the first three laps. Ken Singer powered by on Lap 4 and looked to be in control until his right front tire started losing air. As Singer struggled to get his car to turn, Lowery regained the lead on Lap 13 and led to the finish. Randy Wible won out a spirited battle with Steve Harlan to finish second. Singer fell to fourth in the final results, ahead of Jake Gongloff. The heat win went to Ken Singer.

Devin Beidel, He was the 600 microsprint winner. Devin Beidel, He was the 600 microsprint winner. Jeremy Ott started on the pole and led every lap of the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Nathan Shaw started second and was beside Ott for many of the early laps. Justin Rasp was close behind and took over second with a few laps remaining. D. J. Keefer and Robert Mc- Quade rounded out the top five. D.J. Keefer was the heat race winner.

The Late Model feature turned into the “Tim and Tim Show” with Tim Smith leading the way and Tim Fedder close behind. Smith started first and took the lead from second- starting Ralph Morgan on Lap 5. From there Smith’s smooth style kept him on the bottom and in the lead. Wes Bonebrake ran another strong race, coming home third. Danny Snyder runs 90 percent of the time at Path Valley with his left front tire off the ground and he made a few moves the second half of the race to come home fourth. George Dixon, winner of the Big Kahuna Series race two weeks ago, finished fifth. Andy Fries and Tim Fedder were heat race winners.

Mike Maurer took the lead on lap one of the 270cc Micro Sprint feature and looked to be the one to beat early on. That was until mechanical woes ended his night after seven laps. Chad Myers inherited the lead, but could only hold it for two laps when Levi Peck powered by on a Lap 10 restart. Peck led the final 11 laps, closely pursued by Colby Dice, who also passed Myers on the Lap 10 restart. Myers held onto third, followed by Jerry Palm and Andy Knouse.

Results March 30

Mini Stock: 1. Gary Dehart (Marion), 2. Matt Williamson, 3. Ronnie Garlock, 4. Eric Seibert, 5. Frankie Gordon, 6. Eric Grubb, 7. Kenny Hill, 8. Bill Kennedy, 9. Mark Grove.

Street Stock: 1. Steve Lowery (Chambersburg), 2. Randy Wible, 3. Steve Harlan, 4. Ken Singer, 5. Jake Gongloff, 6. Josh Gustaf, 7. Tom Wakefield.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Jeremy Ott (Upper Strausburg), 2. Justin Rasp, 3. Nathan Shaw, 4. D.J. Keefer, 5. Robert Mc- Quade, 6. Tony Hampton, 7. Shaun Linn, 8. Jason Pecho, 9. Chase Shaw.

Late Model: 1. Tim Smith (McVeytown), 2. Tim Fedder, 3. Wes Bonebrake, 4. Danny Snyder, 5. George Dixon, 6. Randy Burkholder, 7. Steve Bailor, 8. Ken Yoder, 9. Dan Sollers, 10. Ralph Morgan, 11. Andy Fries, 12. Tim Burkholder.

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Levi Peck (Orrstown), 2. Colby Dice, 3. Chad Myers, 4. Jerry Palm, 5. Andy Knouse, 6. Justin Harrington, 7. Cory Myers, 8. Tom Tice, 9. Cory Thornton, 10. Jason Houtz, 11. Mike Maurer, 12. Tyler Reich, 13. Tony Curtorillo, 14. Larry Straw.

McAndrew and Beidel dominate Micro features

Sean McAndrew added one more feature win to his resume, which now has more than 100 victories, and on the same night Devin Beidel took his first step in that direction, claiming his firstever feature win in the 600cc Micro Stock class.

In the 270cc Micro Sprint division it was Sean McAndrew’s night all night long. McAndrew won the heat race, started fourth in the feature, had the lead before completing Lap 1, and led all 20 laps to score the win. Daryl Beakler, Jerry Palm, Trevor Dunn, and Eric Forsythe finished second through fifth, respectively.

Ronnie Garlock dominated the small field of Mini Stocks. Garlock won the heat race and led all 20 laps for the feature win. Matt Williamson closed in on Garlock just past halfway, but then dropped back a few cars lengths at the finish.

Devin Beidel then followed suit with the previous two winners, winning his heat race and then leading all 20 laps for the win.

This was Beidel’s first career feature win in the 600cc Micro Sprint division. Beidel was followed across the line by Mike Rynard, Gunnar Layton and Brad Weber.

Jared Esh was the only 600cc Stock Micro Sprint signed in, giving him the win by default.

In the 4- Cylinder Thunder Car feature Justin Rasp started sixth and took the lead from Justin Bucher on Lap 7. Rasp pulled away over the remaining laps to claim the win. Dalton Mc- Quade posted his best finish, taking second from Bucher on Lap 14. Bucher also had one of his best finishes, holding on to third. Kyle Martin was fourth and Jacob Carbaugh fifth.

Chris Anderson owes his brother a big favor. Anderson’s engine developed problems during warm-ups and his brother, Justin Wil-liamson, offered to swap cars for the rest of the night. Anderson took full advantage, winning the heat race and leading the final 18 laps of the feature to win the 4-Cylinder Strictly Stock class. Eric Johnston finished second, Gary Guise third, Steven Jacobs fourth, and Williamson limped the damaged car to a fifth-place finish.

There was only one 6- Cylinder Strictly Stock entered, giving the win to Doug Guise.

March 31 results

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Sean McAndrew (Apollo, Pa.), 2. Daryl Beakler, 3. Jerry Palm, 4. Trevor Dunn, 5. Eric Forsythe, 6. Tyler Reich, 7. Cody Hackenberry.

Mini Stock: 1. Ronnie Garlock (Mapleton), 2. Matt Williamson, 3. Dave Bookwalter.

600cc Micro Sprint: 1. Devin Beidel (Newville), 2. Mike Rynard, 3. Gunnar Layton, 4. Brad Weber.

Stock 600cc Micro Sprint: 1. Jared Esh.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Justin Rasp (Mc- Connellsburg), 2. Dalton McQuade, 3. Justin Bucher, 4. Kyle Martin, 5. Jacob Carbaugh, 6. Chris Semple, 7. Rodney Brown, 8. Tom Crum, 9. Raymond Middaugh, 10. Ben Naugle.

4- Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Chris Anderson (Orbisonia), 2. Eric Johnston, 3. Gary Guise, 4. Steven Jacobs, 5. Justin Williamson, 6. Ryan Norris, 7. Andrew Benson, 8. Scott Barker, 9. Cody Martin.

6- Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Doug Guise (East Berlin, Pa..

Next week

Friday, April 6: 270cc Micro Sprints, Mini Stocks, 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, and Super Stocks.

Saturday, Apirl 7: 270cc Micro Sprints, Mini Stocks, 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, 600cc Micro Sprints, 600cc Stock Micro Sprints and 305 Sprints.

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