2012-04-05 / Local & State

New Historical Society Book

Fulton County Historical Society has released Volume 33 in its annual series of publications for members as it has done each year since 1979.

“Civil War Draft Resistance in Fulton County” tells the story of John Forney of Knobsville, who was drafted in 1862. Claiming to be 46 years old and above the draft age, he was first given an exemption. When a January 1863 list names him as a deserter, Lt. Eben Ford was sent to Forney’s Todd Township home to arrest him on January 21, whereupon Forney shot him in the shoulder. Ford was treated by local doctors but died in February at the Fulton House.

Author Amanda Daniels Neal gives the full saga of his arrest and his transport to Old Capitol Prison in Washington, D.C., on January 25, 1863, before being returned to the Fulton County Jail in February 1863. Confederate soldiers released him from jail on June 19, 1863, during their raid in Fulton County, perhaps thinking he was a Southern sympathizer. Forney’s indictment for murder was dated August 3, 1863, and he was scheduled for jury trial in January 1864 at the Fulton County Courthouse.

Amanda includes names of many local people associated with Forney and his trial. Her research has good documentation for this event that took place during the early years of newly- formed Fulton County. Copies of the 40- page book for $5 are available at the Fulton County Library, Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Fulton County Treasurer’s Office, Lincoln Way Antiques and Newman’s Market in Waterfall or may be ordered from the Historical Society, Box 115, McConnellsburg, PA 17233 with $2 additional for postage.

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