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Response To “Place, Time of SF Prom Not Good For Students”

To The Editor:

As grandparents of students in Southern Fulton High School, we stand in agreement with the concerns of the location for the prom, The Orchards restaurant in Chambersburg.

While not knowing all that transpired when the class voted on the place for the senior prom, or the involvement and advice from the class teacher advisor, or how many of the parents knew in advance of the possible locations for the prom, the reality is that when given a picture of a certain place, what it looks like, the atmosphere and of course, “isn’t this pretty” votes are cast. Last year the class selected The Country Inn, Berkeley Springs, W. Va., 10 miles from the Pa. line, not far, but across three states lines, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia.

Students voted this year to have the activity in Chambersburg. As teenagers, do you think they stopped to consider: the time it takes to get there from SFHS, 100 miles approximately per each round trip at $5 per gallon of gas; student (Cinderella) license, having to be off the road by 11 p.m.; trips back and forth for decorating; $30 per student for event, tux rental, formal gowns, flowers, hair, nails, dinner; not to mention if pictures are to be taken by the parents, parents wanting to watch their teenager go into their first formal event and if the parent is driving their teenager to this event, waiting or coming home to make another trip to Chambersburg to pick the child up? This is just a short list of practical reasons for wrong place for Southern Fulton prom.

Our proms were held in the high school gyms of Hancock and Southern Fulton, respectively. Our children’s proms again were held in their school gym. We understand that one of the reasons that this was not possible was due to the floor being refinished. During every sporting event street shoes do end up being on the gym floor. And then there is donkey basketball. Our grandchildren are more valuable to us than the gym floor. Would it be wrong to think that on the maintenance schedule, our community children’s safety would be a priority and the refinishing done after the prom or close of school year.

Too often, we go to a child’s funeral. Unfortunately, and often, the times that tragedies happen are at the beginning of the school year, the homecoming dance, spring break, the prom and graduation. New drivers, text messaging, racing and, of course, none of our students would drink and drive! Our students need guidance and advice when making decisions that will affect so many other people and for that reason within the school system we have advisors, school administration and board members. When students make a decision that does not seem prudent and there may have been a lack of guidance, then those who are trusted and have been put in place for such need to step up to the plate and be part of correcting the situation.

If, as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends we wish to stop the traveling to another state or an hour drive for school activities for the safety of our children, please, our concerns need to be made known to the school administration and the board. We can make a difference. The prom is May 12, 2012, and there is still time, though limited, so it may not be able to change this year, but next year our students may be allowed to have the prom in their own SFHS. Parents, get involved with your child! We truly believe we have an excellent school system; we just need to keep our children here, safe and sound!

Hopefully, your child will come home from the prom, safe, after he or she is dropped off or drops off the other students, without any issues. Our students at SFHS have been through a lot of grief and a lot of grief counseling because of the tragedies that have happened to some of our precious children in our community on our highways and roads. Our children are grown and out into this big world soon enough. Let’s keep them as safe as we can by keeping them close to our hearts and homes.

Dick & Vivian Bernhard


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