2012-03-29 / Local & State

PA FSA, RMA Streamline Common Acreage

Bill Wehry, the Pennsylvania Farm Service Agency (FSA) state executive director, would like to announce that FSA and the Risk Management Agency (RMA) have established common acreage reporting dates for producers participating in FSA and RMA programs.

Beginning with the 2012 crop year, spring barley, spring oats, forage seeding, rye, triticale, spring wheat, and all other spring-seeded small grains will have a June 15 acreage reporting date. Cigar filler tobacco, corn, fresh market sweet corn, fresh market tomatoes, perennial forage (fall harvest), grain sorghum, green peas, Maryland tobacco, tomatoes, potatoes, soybeans, sweet corn, and all other crops not listed elsewhere will have a July 15 acreage reporting date. Cabbage and processing beans will have an August 15 acreage reporting date.

Beginning with the 2013 crop year (Fall 2012), November 15 will be the acreage reporting date for apiculture, fall barley, fall oats, perennial forage (spring harvest), forage seeding, PRF, rye, speltz, triticale, fall wheat, and any other fall- seeded small grains. Apples, grapes, peaches, and pears will have a January 15 acreage reporting date.

“This change does not reduce or modify the programs or services that RMA or FSA provides, but will enable most crop insurance agents and FSA County office staff to collect information in a more uniform and efficient manner,” stated Wehry.

For more information on the common acreage reporting dates for 2012 and 2013, please contact your local FSA County office.

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