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Place, Time Of SF Prom Not Good For Students

To The Editor:

I am writing today to express how disappointed I am with Southern Fulton High School with the decision that was made to have prom in Chambersburg at The Orchards restaurant.

I feel this is too far for our teens to be driving just to go to prom. The other main issue I have is that the time for prom is 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. I don’t know why the school doesn’t know the state laws for teens driving under the age of 18. The driver’s book that is given out to teens when they get their permit (page 2) states the driving restriction is 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. From my place in Warfordsburg, it takes one hour to get to Chambersburg. So what would they like the kids to do – speed to get home? We have lost so many precious children in this community to wrecks, so why would they even consider a place this far from the school?

I placed a call to school and the statement made from the principal was “I agree with you Mrs. Sheeder, and I will see about changing the time.” Then when I asked about why it is not being held in Berkeley Springs, the answer was the class sizes are bigger. My next question was why not have it at school and guess what that answer was? We just had floors done. So at this point I’m angry for my child’s life is not important but the gym floor is important! I feel as a taxpayer my child should be able to have prom at school. I do believe they had homecoming this year in the gym, so what would be the difference?

I ask myself, why do they teach our children to obey school rules and then tell them not to obey the state laws for driving.

Rebecca Sheeder


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