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County Voters To Display Photo ID

County to do “dry run” of new photo identification law during April 24 primary
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

A new state law will require voters to show proper photo identification prior to voting in each election, sending some registered voters to local driver’s license centers in order to fulfill the law’s new requirements.

In March 2012, the commonwealth passed the new voter identification law that mandates poll workers must ask for certain types of photo identification prior to allowing an individual to vote. The law will officially take effect in November.

Acceptable forms of identification include a current Pennsylvania driver’s license; a Pennsylvania driver’s license that is less than a year from expiration; a valid passport; valid military ID, active duty and retired military ID with an expiration date; a current federal, state or municipal government ID; a current photo ID card with a marked expiration date from an accredited public or private Pennsylvania college or university; and a current photo identification issued by a Pennsylvania care facility.

According to Fulton County Chief Clerk Daniel Swain Jr., even though the new law doesn’t officially begin until fall, local poll workers will be performing a “dry run” of the new procedure on April 24.

Voters at the spring primary, Swain said, will be asked to show a photo ID. In the event they do not possess an ID, they will be permitted to vote but will also be provided with information about the need to show an ID beginning in the November 2012 general election.

“Even though voters, in general, will not be required to show ID this spring, voters who are voting for the first time will be required to show some type of identification. However, this requirement is under the old law, and the forms of ID are more relaxed,” Swain told the “News.”

In the event a registered voter does not possess an acceptable form of identification, a photo identification may be obtained at no cost from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. PennDOT states that in order to receive the identification, an individual is required to “declare un- der oath or affirmation by completing the Oath/Affirmation Voter ID form that you do not possess any of the necessary forms of identification.”

An application for an initial photo identification card must also be obtained and submitted to a driver’s license photo center, such as the office located along Lincoln Way East in McConnellsburg Borough.

In addition to having a completed form, individuals must also provide a Social Security card as well as one of the following: certificate of U.S. citizenship, certificate of naturalization, a valid U.S. passport or a birth certificate with a raised seal. Furthermore, two proofs of residency, such as lease agreements, current utility bills, mortgage documents, W-2 form, tax records, must also be presented at the time of form submission.

The typical $13.50 fee for a photo ID is slated to be waived for individuals completing the Oath/ Affirmation Voter ID form.

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