2012-03-29 / Family


MELLOTT In loving memory of Frank Mellott, October 12, 1944 – March 29, 2007: Your presence we miss Your memory we treasure Loving you always Forgetting you never. Sadly missed and deeply loved Wife Linda Children Michelle and Kerry Chris and Alicia Grandchildren Cory and Krista Alexis and Andrew Best buddy Casper

ORR In loving memory of Nancy L. Orr, who passed away on March 29, 2009: I remember everything about you Your voice, your smile, your touch, The way you walked, the way you talked The way you looked at me Meant so much. I remember all the words you said to me Some funny, some kind, some wise All of the things you did for me I see now with different eyes. I remember every moment we shared Seems like yesterday You are gone from me now But one they can’t take away. Your memory resides inside my heart And lights up my darkest days. Love and miss you lots Love, Tammy

SIPES In loving memory of Graffious Sipes, November 9, 1941, to March 30, 2009: With tears of sorrow we cry Each day in angel’s arms You were carried away Our memories of love and laughter Shall not fade For inside our hearts You will always stay We miss you every day Love always Your wife and children grandchildren and great-grandchildren

STEPANIK In memory of Mike W. Stepanik, May 12, 1945 – March 10, 2010: If tears could build a stairway, And memories were a lane, We would walk right up to heaven, To bring you home again. No farewell words were spoken, No time to say good-bye. You were gone before we knew it, And only God knows why. Our hearts still ache in sadness, And secret tears still flow. What it meant to lose you, No one will ever know. We would have held you closer if we had known. Love you forever and you will never be forgotten. Love, Naomi, Kelly, Chad, Crystal, Dustin, Randee and all of your beautiful grandchildren

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