2012-03-08 / Local & State

PA State School Aid Confused By Competing Math

By Kathy Matheson and Marc Levy

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – The cash-strapped Philadelphia school district will either lose nearly $22 million in state aid next year or gain $31 million. It depends on whose calculations you use.

Semantics has become a big part of the battle over education funding in Pennsylvania. Discrepancies in projected funding can be found in nearly every district.

Gov. Tom Corbett insists he's increasing aid across the board. But critics say that's misleading because he counts pension contributions as money for schools.

The governor intensified his public relations campaign last week with a new website, www.investinginpastudents.com . Users can compare the aid received by any school district last year with the amount proposed for next year.

A teachers union's website does the same thing yet yields different answers. It's at www.savepaschools.org .

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