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Tips To Make Your Wedding Unique

Your wedding day will likely be one of the most memorable days of your life. Unfortunately, many engaged couples get trapped planning a formulaic party with bland food, music and décor. But with some creative planning, your nuptials can be as unique as your relationship.

“Whether you break the mold or go traditional, planning something special is all about customization,” says Mariam Naficy, CEO of Minted.com, an online stationery store that sells save the date cards and wedding invitations .

Here are some top customization tips for couples soon tying the knot:

Pick a theme: A theme can really tie your affair together. Opt for one that is aesthetically appropriate for a wedding, and complementary to the venue. Whether you go with rustic chic or urban minimalist, your theme should express your style and inform your planning decisions on everything from food to music.

Tell your guests with style: Informing your guests of the big news is the next step in planning your wedding. Do it early with unique save the dates, to ensure your loved ones can make it to your big day. It’s easy to customize the look and feel of your invitations when you order through an online stationery store like www.Minted.com .

Live music: Even if you can’t spring for a ten-piece band, live music is a great investment. A live musician (or an exceptional DJ) will liven up the party by tailoring music on the fly, based on guests’ requests and the shifting mood of your party.

A great space: If possible, avoid the standard hotel conference room. Many hotels have gazebos, verandas and other more elegant rooms to choose from. Or opt for a more non-traditional venue like a museum or art gallery. Your photos are going to last a lifetime, so pick a beautiful space you will want to remember.

Delicious food: To provide food you know you and your guests will love, consider asking your favorite restaurant to cater your event. True you might not get the fondue fountain or ice sculpture you always dreamed of, but having your favorite steak joint or Thai spot provide the eats will certainly be unique and tasty.

So before you say “I do” to your loved one, say “I do” to a special day that’s all you.

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