2012-03-01 / Local & State

Doctors Give Health Tips At Center For Families

Dr. Dawn Seiders, M.D. Dr. Dawn Seiders, M.D. February has been a very busy time for the children at Fulton County Center for Families. Along with trips to the dental clinic and a visit from the Blind Association, of Bedford, there have been some very important guest speakers.

Dr. Dawn Seiders, M.D., Philadelphia, came to teach the children about their organs andhow they function, bringing with her some very cool gifts. When asked why she would drive so far for such a short visit, she replied, “If I can spark just one child’s interest in any area of healthcare, then it is time well spent.”

Another visitor was Dr. Joseph Wolfe, D.D.S., who taught the children how to make good food choices and the correct way to brush their teeth. He also gave each of them a toothbrush.

Next was local optometrist Dr. Joey Lane, who, along with a short video, kept the children entertained by talking about eye health.

Dr. Joseph Wolfe, D.D.S. Dr. Joseph Wolfe, D.D.S. Joann, the childcare staff and the children are most appreciative of the doctors who took time out of their busy schedules to come and share their healthcare lessons with them.

Dr. Joey Lane Dr. Joey Lane

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