2012-03-01 / Letters

Program Well Received At Forbes

To The Editor:

The Alcohol and Drug Prevention program started by Fulton County business women had a successful visit with the sixth graders at Forbes Road Elementary School.

More than 30 students were taught about the devastating effects alcohol, cigarettes, chewing tobacco and various other drugs have on the human body. Two of the activities included beforeand after pictures of drug users and body organs, and the damage on each that have been caused by substance use; and a detailed discussion about the thousands of chemicals that are present in a cigarette, a can of chew and in many of the illegal drugs. Examples include rat poison, formaldehyde, battery acid, and arsenic just to name a few. All students were given folders filled with antidrug posters, handouts, brochures, activities they can do with their parents and lots more.

The students at Forbes Road Elementary were fantastic participants and had a lot of super questions. They were an overall joy to be around. We would like to thank Brandi Robertson, guidance counselor at Forbes Road, and all of the kids’ parents for their support and willingness to let us bring this information to the students.

If you would be interested in helping with this program in any way, please contact Susanne Reed, Ph.D., at 717-491-9695 or Deb Toothman at 717-485-3718.

Deb Toothman


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