2012-03-01 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Ed Peffer, 82 years old on March 4; Clay Rasp and John Foor,

February 28;

Jacki Hahn,

March 5;

Josh Horton, March 5; Mike Souders, March 7; Cyrus Cunningham, 7 years old on March 8; Robert Strait, March 8; Ed Truax, March 6; Arlene Umbrell, March 5; Joyce Long, March 8; Patti Mills, March 7; Mary Kline, March 8; Paul Eckert, March 7; Caitlin Glazier, 17 years old March 4.

Public Opinion weekly honor roll student-athletes were Chris Everts, Forbes Road; Becca Hahn, McConnellsburg; and Damon Gordon, Macey Hollenshead and Kayla Wertz, Southern Fulton, all for basketball.

Tracey Truax of Willow Hill is at home recuperating from a car accident last week close to her home.

Harold “Buzz” and Jan Carmack will observe their 51st wedding anniversary March 4.

Kay McGarvey enjoyed a birthday dinner with her family at daughter Terri’s in Carlisle on Sunday. Her mother was also able to attend. She also enjoyed a dinner on Monday evening with her son, Toby, and family.

A good turnout came to see the donkey basketball game on Saturday night at Forbes Road. The game was sponsored by the PTO.

A sausage and pancake supper was held at Knobsville United Methodist Church Saturday, and Asbury United Methodist Church held a breakfast on Saturday morning.

Sympathy goes out to the family of Goldie Kerlin, who passed away last week.

Many TVs were tuned in Sunday to the year’s first big NASCAR race in Daytona Beach, Fla. Unfortunately, it was rained out and tentatively scheduled for Monday.

Roger Sowers had heart surgery on Tuesday in Har- risburg. Please keep him in your prayers. Hopefully, next week there will be an update on his condition.

Helen “Honey” Johnston is now a resident at the longterm care unit Fulton County Medical Center.

Bob and Donna Garlock saw their first robin on Saturday. They now have a new 25- foot flagpole on their property that they are proud to have. Other sightings of robins have been reported around the area also.

Quotable quotes: The best cosmetic in the world is an active mind that is alwaysfinding something new.

It Happened This Week: The Beatles made their American TV debut on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Sullivan received a staggering 50,000 requests for tickets.

Country Shortcuts: Pickup pet hair. Spray a cloth with hairspray and run it lightly over pet hair-strewn surfaces. The hair will stick to the rag for speedy cleanup.

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