2012-02-23 / Local & State

Breast Cancer Coalition Launches Research Campaign

Donations help fund cutting edge breast, cervical cancer research

The PA Breast Cancer Coaliton ( PBCC) has launched its annual Refunds for Research campaign to fund Pennsylvania cancer researchers. By simply checking yes on line 35 of the PA 40 tax form, any taxpayer can donate all or part of their state income tax refund to breast and cervical cancer research. Every penny contributed goes directly to PA breast and cervical cancer researchers as they work for a cure. By donating, the taxpayer will join the thousands of Pennsylvania tax filers who have contribute more than $2.8 million for Pennsylvania-based cancer research.

“Pennsylvania residents have raised more than $2.8 million for breast cancer research through thousands of donations of every size. The generosity of the citizens of this state for the program has been overwhelming,” said Pat Halpin-Murphy, president and founder of the PBCC. “This simple and effective program, and the support of so many Pennsylvanians, reinforces our commitment to finding a cure now ... so our daughters won’t have to.”

The PBCC worked with the state legislature to enact the income tax check-off for Breast and Cervical Cancer Research that has since become one of the most popular refund donation options in Pennsylvania. The funds raised through this initiative support the outstanding breast and cervical cancer researches in Pennsylvania.

The PBCC represents supports and serves breast cancer survivors and their famileis in Pennsylvania through educational programming, legislature advocacy and breast cancer research grants. The PBCC is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicted to finding a cure now ... so our daughters won’t have to. For more information, please call 800- 377- 8828 or visit www.PABreastCancer.org.

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