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In Defense Of Joe Paterno

To The Editor:

I recommend to all Fulton countians the memorial issue put out by the Centre Daily News on the death of coach Paterno. The paper did an excellent job and it is well worth the $4 price. I offer the following message, though, regarding the praise made by the chairman of the board of trustees, the trustees themselves, the governor of Pennsylvania and senators Toomey and Casey.

Recall Toomey and Casey withdrew their nomination of a presidential award before the ink was even dry on the dismissal of the coach.

The time for you all to have stood by Joe was not in his death but in his life.

The nice words from you were I a member of the Paterno family would ring quite hollow.

Many of us stood with Joe during his hour of trial while we watched you throw him under the bus for your own self-serving needs. The test for moral courage on your part was dismally failed as well as integrity.

I trust that soon all the members of the present board of trustees will either resign or be removed and encourage all Pennsylvania voters to carefully reconsider at election time whether the aforementioned public servants deserve re-election. If you cannot depend on them to do the right thing on issues such as the coach, why do you think they will serve you well in the momentous decisions before the national and state governments?

My same criticism applies to the Big Ten who removed his name from the championship trophy. It seems the only moral courage exhibited during this whole affair was the students and faculty and the creamery that when ordered to remove Peachy Paterno from their menu refused. I read recently where 53 percent of the people polled in Pennsylvania felt the board acted correctly. Well if that is true, I understand why the Cradle of Liberty was given away to Barack Obama in 2008. No person who has read the grand jury findings of fact can remotely conclude the board acted properly. I trust there were no Fulton countians in that 53 percent. That would be very disappointing to me having grown up there.

Joe Paterno can be measured by the “little things.” Can these people say the same? As we go forward let us remember as in the movie “Brian’s Song,” “not how Joe Paterno died, but how he lived—oh, how he lived.”

“Make an Impact.”

Dennis Mosebey

Emporia, Kansas

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