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80 Years Ago

From The Files of March 10, 1932


Deaths: Mrs. C.J. Brewer of near McConnellsburg; Mrs. Millicent M. David of Newburg, Huntingdon County; Mrs. John P. Sipes of McConnellsburg; Rev. John Calvin Garland of Belfast Township; Lewis Sipes of Whips Cove; Dr. Edwin Sanders Smith of Bedford; Dr. Nevin B. Shade of Miami, Fla.; Mrs. Mary James of near town.

The spring-like days during most of the winter in Fulton County came to an end on Saturday when rain started to fall, turning to snow on Sunday, which, with high winds, turned into a terrific storm. Trees and telephone and electric lines were ripped down, McConnellsburg being without electricity or communication from Sunday until Monday evening. Highways were impassable, many motorists being stranded. It was reported that 109 utility poles were down between New Oxford and Gettysburg, a distance of about 10 miles.

Charles Augustus, the 20- month-old son of Col. and Anna Morrow Lindbergh, is still missing after being kidnapped from his home near Hopewell, N.J., on March 1.

John Sheffield and family of Fort Littleton have moved into the house vacated by Rolla Mock, who moved to Fort Loudon.

A daughter was born on Monday evening to Mr. and Mrs. George Dishong, who reside on the George Morton farm in Todd Township.

A daughter was born to Dr. and Mrs. Paul K. Evans in the Altoona Hospital on February 27. She has been named Madge.

Death: Mrs. Elizabeth Brubaker of Saxton.

George Earley met with a painful accident on Tuesday while hammering a piece of metal. Two steel spalls flew into his lip, causing a painful wound. One was removed by pulling it out; the other was removed with a magnet.

The local high school and many of the rural schools have been closed due to the current flu epidemic, pupils and teachers alike being sick.

Cloyd Dewey Morningstar and Amy May Clark were married February 18.

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