2012-02-16 / Letters

SF Superintendent Clarifies Statement

To The Editor:

First, I want to thank Chanin Rotz-Mountz for attending the Southern Fulton PTA meeting that was held on Monday evening, January 30, 2012. She did a great job of covering the highlights of the presentation in The Fulton County News (February 2, 2012) about charter schools, cyber charter schools and vouchers.

Secondly, I would like to clarify something that I said during the meeting. Rep. Dick Hess voted “no” for the proposed voucher amendments and thankfully the amendments did not pass the House of Representatives therefore, saving public schools thousands of dollars at this time. He was one of only a few Republicans that voted “no.” Thank you, Rep. Hess!

Lastly, I encourage all residents of Fulton County to be aware of the happenings in Harrisburg regarding this issue. If vouchers are passed, money that is earmarked for public schools may be given to private schools. I am not against schools; however, currently the same standards do not apply to private schools as they do to public schools.

Kendra K. Trail
Southern Fulton
School District

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