2012-02-09 / Local & State

PennDOT Details Modernization Efforts On New Web Page

PennDOT’s efforts to modernize and improve the way it does business – ensuring the efficient use of taxpayer dollars – are detailed on a new Web page announced last week by Transportation Secretary Barry J. Schoch.

These important efforts, at www.dot.state.pa.us under the heading, “Modern PennDOT,” will be updated regularly as progress continues.

“PennDOT has a longstanding tradition of continuous improvement,” Schoch said. “Now, the public can more easily track our efforts to enhance customer service, save money and deliver projects more quickly.”

Efforts to implement modernization ideas recommended by PennDOT employees started early last year. While some of the additional modernization ideas suggested last year by the Transportation Funding Advisory Commission (TFAC) will require legislative action, PennDOT is moving forward with the ones that do not. To view the advisory commission’s recommendations, visit www.tfac.pa.gov, click on final report, and then click on modernization.

Some of the many modernization efforts being worked on include:

Continuing cooperation with the turnpike to join services and share materials and equipment;

Expanding the study of transit systems to possibly change from county-based to regional organizations that save money and respond more quickly to customers; and

Conducting a pilot study on bridge program management to bundle projects and complete them more quickly.

“Modernization items are complementing our efforts to work smarter, increase user convenience and ultimately become even better stewards of each and every available taxpayer dollar,” Schoch said.

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