2012-02-09 / Local & State

FCMC Lab Announces New Equipment


Pictured above is Peggy Ray working with the new ORTHO ProVue® blood bank system. Pictured above is Peggy Ray working with the new ORTHO ProVue® blood bank system. Fulton County Medical Center is pleased to announce its newest lab equipment.

With the help of a new machine called the Cepheid® GeneXpert®, the laboratory is now able to screen for MRSA (Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) in as little as 70 minutes. “This is huge” says lab manager Pam Taylor. “Not only does it increase our testing ability, but it improves patient outcomes. Detecting MRSA quickly not only helps aid in a patient’s recovery time, but also creates a safer environment for other patients and staff.

Beginning February 1 the GeneXpert® will also be used to test for clostridium difficile in as little as an hour. This test is more sensitive than the current testing method.

The second piece of equipment the lab has added to its blood bank department is the ORTHO ProVue ® . This piece of equipment is the first fully automated blood bank instrument to be based on the IDMTS ™ Gel Test™. It eliminates the labor-intensive and time- consuming processes of blood typing, antibody screening and cross-matching. It is very cost effective because it provides the ability to increase capacity while maintaining labor efficiencies.

From a risk management standpoint it enhances accuracy through bar-code tracking from start to finish reduces human error in interpretation, patient identification and reporting of results by decreasing the number of steps that require technician involvement on these activities.

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