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Boro Discusses Driveway, Alley Projects

Refuses to approve driveway plan
By Jean Snyder

McConnellsburg Borough Council refused to sign off on a borough parking lot project and gave tentative approval to paving an alley during its regular meeting last Wednesday evening.

Council met with a surveyor representing local realtor Ron Richards who is renovating a home into an office and building a parking lot about 100 feet east of Cito Road on Lincoln Way East in the borough. According to the surveyor, the property owner is attempting to get a highway occupancy permit from Penn-DOT that would allow traffic to enter and exit from the driveway attached to a small parking lot just west of Johnnie’s Diner. The entrance and exit would be from Lincoln East (state highway Route 30). PennDOT has refused to issue the permit without a letter from the borough stating it has have approved the plan.

After a lengthy discussion, Borough Council members concluded they could not provide the letter because the property owner had never submitted any plans or obtained any permits up to this time. Councilman Rick Buterbaugh noted that curbing had been removed without consulting, and that no building permits for renovations to the home had been procured.

Councilman Jim Smith also commented on the fact that the driveway to the business “could not be located in a more congested area of town.” He cited traffic entering and exiting Cito Road, including large trucks, as well as the traffic already created by McDonald’s, Sheetz and the “Y” for routes 30 and 16 in the same area.

Council members voted to send the plan to their solicitor and to their engineer at Keller Engineer for review, comment and recommendation.

Also during other business, council met with Fulton County commissioners Rodney McCray and Irvin Dasher and with the county chief clerk, Dan Swain, to discuss drainage problems in the alley that runs from Walnut Street to Market Street. The drainage problem has existed since the county’s renovation project in and around the courthouse. In an earlier meeting, the commissioners offered $10,000 in liquid fuel funds for the borough to pave the alley. After examining the plans at Wednesday evening’s meeting, it was decided that the next step is to contact the PennDOT engineer, who will inspect the plans, estimate the cost and prepare bid specs for the borough’s final approval.

In talking about the engineering work, council also reiterated that it will ask the PennDOT engineer to inspect the bridges in the borough and also to make a recommendation for weight limits on South First and South Third streets.

Pursuant to last month’s council meeting, council also provided a letter to Kelso-Cornelius Funeral Home stating that Cornelius’ plan to erect a crematorium behind the funeral home is not in violation of any of the borough’s ordinances.

Regular business

During regular business, council approved payment of $770 from liquid fuel funds for new hinges and repair to the garage door on the chip building.

Council also discussed the heating bills for the Fulton House. Borough secretary Jack Fields estimated heating oil bills for the building at about $9,000 annually and council agreed to seek estimates for a heat pump/air conditioning system for the building.

Borough Council members approved the 2011 tax exoneration list, reviewed the tax delinquency list and agreed to send it for collection.

Council approved payment of bills for January in the amount of $28,296.93. According to Fields, this included the payment of $17,335 in workers’ compensation for the paid employees of the fire company. Fields said the borough’s share of the payment is about $4,000, with the remainder to be reimbursed to the borough by Ayr, Todd and Licking Creek townships. Fields also said the fire company is scheduled to meet with township officials on February 14.

Receipts for January totaled $27,463.08 and checks were written for $31,352.76, leaving a February 1 balance of $26,182.13.

Council members present included Travis Bard, Rick Buterbaugh, Pat Booth, Jim Smith, Mack Shaffer and David Washabaugh.

Borough Council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Fulton House.

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