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Electronics Recycling To Get Under Way


The Fulton County commissioners have announced the start of an ongoing electronics collection program in the county that will target unwanted and unused items ranging from computers and televisions to telephones.

In order to provide county residents with a convenient way to recycle their unwanted electronics, the Fulton County Recycling Program has established dropoff “sheds” for electronics. These sheds are located at the same sites where the current singlestream recycling bins are situated: beside the Bethel Township municipal building, beside the old Thompson Township municipal building, in front of the Forbes Road High School, and in the parking lot of the Courthouse Annex II building in McConnellsburg.

In 2010, the PA legislation passed House Bill 708, the “Covered Device Recycling Act,” which requires the recycling of televisions, computers, monitors and peripheral devices and, beginning in 2013, bans their disposal in landfills. Even if this act didn’t exist, recycling electronics is the best way to deal with unwanted electronics.

Before leaving a computer in the shed, it is highly recommended that you erase or damage your hard drive to protect your personal information. The Recycling Program does not take responsibility for any information that may be obtained from a hard drive when a computer is left in the recycling shed. M&M electronics (Penn’s Village Shopping Center, McConnellsburg) has agreed to help computer owners remove the hard drive from their computer. The hard drive can then be physically damaged and/or brought to the Fulton County Conservation District (216 N. Second St., Mc- Connellsburg), where it will be stored until sent for recycling. At the recycling facility, your hard drive is shredded and the metals recycled.

Some very important things to remember:

 Only electronics may be placed in the “electronics sheds.” No other material – no other recyclables, no garbage. Anyone found to be leaving any material that is not on the “acceptable material” list, or anyone found to be taking electronics from the sheds, will be prosecuted.

 Electronics may only be placed in the shed, not on the ground and not in the “single stream” bin.

 If your electronics are in boxes, please remove from the boxes and place electronics in the shed. Flatten cardboard boxes and place them in the “single stream” recycling bin. Do not leave electronics in boxes.

 Please do not bring styrofoam, which is not recyclable and may not be placed in either the shed or the bin. Take any styrofoam home with you and dispose of properly.

Acceptable items that can be dropped off include personal computers (CPU, monitors, keyboards, mouse, cords, and peripherals) laptops, mainframe computers, hard drives, circuit boards, printers, modems, televisions, answering machines, CD players, DVD players, VCRs, cell phones, copiers, microwaves, electronic games, fax machines, pagers, PDAs, radios, testing equipment, telephones and telephone equipment, tape players, and other consumer electronics.

As a reminder the following items should not be left at the drop-off sites: batteries, small kitchen appliances, lamps, vacuum cleaners, irons, fluorescent tubes and bulbs, things that are not electronic in nature or items that contain a refrigerant.

It is important that the “program guidelines” be followed or the electronic recycling sheds will be removed.

County tax dollars are not paying for this service, the commissioners noted. It is a public service offering residents an acceptable way to recycle electronics without having to leave the county.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Greg Reineke, county recycling coordinator, at 717-485-3547, Ext. 120.

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