2012-02-02 / Letters

What’s Wrong With Some People?

To The Editor:

Despite long-held prejudices, any policy differences we ultimately had with Catholic John Kennedy, divorced Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama, our first black president, had nothing to do with religion, divorce or skin color!

Now we have Mitt Romney, the Mormon. By any objective measure, he’s the most-qualified Republican candidate. Yet voters have been grasping at every pitchman, liar, ding-a-ling, ego maniac, simpleton and hypocrite alternative who’s come along ... and gone! Because “Mormon” hasn’t cleared the hurdle; remaining a barrier for some.

“We’re Conservative So We Vote Republican” screams a billboard along I-77 in South Carolina. But neither conservative nor Republican are what they once were.

WWII General and two-term President Dwight Eisenhower was courted by both parties and chose Republicans, citing reasons that today would clearly make him a Democrat!

Newt Gingrich, a Catholic, twice divorced, Congressionally reprimanded egomaniac, would seem a joke. But in the South Carolina primary he was white and not a Mormon!

For some once thought a Catholic, a divorcee or a black unthinkable as president, and that the Bush-Cheney disaster resulted in a black president still confounds some folks. Or as Senate leader Mitch McConnell said, Congressional Republicans’ main agenda is not working for America, but “making sure Obama is a one-term President.”

Meanwhile, Republicans will nominate someone ... a twice-divorced Catholic ... or perhaps a Mormon after all!

And with our knowledge of history and sense of America’s future, we know that we’ll eventually elect a woman, a gay, an Asian-American, Jew, Muslim, Hispanic ...perhaps a grandchild of illegal immigrants! ... and other leaders some never thought possible.

And just as America has improved under President Obama ... albeit not as quickly as some had hoped ... we’ll likely all be better for it.

For what, really, is wrong with some people?

Paul Politis,


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