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60 Years Ago

From The Files of February 21, 1952


The new officers of the local Eastern Star Club are Mrs. Vallie Lowe, president; Mrs. Ruth Schmidt, vice president; Miss Blanche Swope, secretarytreasurer; Edna Swope, assistant secretary; and Rebecca Stevens, chaplain.

Mr. and Mrs. George Paul attended the funeral of his brother in Johnstown on Wednesday.

The chimes of the electric pipe organ recently installed in the Methodist Church were played for the first time on Sunday morning, C.B. Chubb and P.B. Foreman were in charge of the work.

Ellen, 2-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kendall, is suffering from measles.

Death: J. Ambrose Welsh of Waynesboro.

Births: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Willis Horton of Hustontown February 14; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William C. Miller of Mc- Connellsburg on February 15; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lininger Jr. of Mc- Connellsburg on February 17; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Merrill A. Fetters of Hustontown on February17; a son to Mr. and Mrs.Clem C. House of Hustontown on February 18; a son, George Charles, to Lt. and Mrs. L.G. Cutchall of Annapolis, Md., on February 8.

After discussing the problem since 1949, school directors of McConnellsburg and Ayr and Todd townships have given the go-ahead signal for construction of a 16-room joint building for the school children of the three districts. At present estimates, the new building will cost slightly less than a halfmillion dollars.

Blue Barron, stylist of the “Music of Yesterday and Today,” will return to the local legion for his fifth visit on February 26.

State police are investigating the theft of $142 from the Green Hill School on February 13.

James L. Gatins of Fort Littleton has announced his Democratic candidacy for representative in the General Assembly.

“Miss Lizzie” Bain Lysinger, Bedford County’s oldest retired school teacher and a native of Fulton County, celebrated her 90th birthday last Wednesday.

John J. Barthalow, 42, of McConnellsburg, suffered lacerations of the head on Sunday when his car wrecked on Tuscarora Mountain. His 1940 Plymouth skidded on the icy highway and struck another car.

Berley Eugene Souders, 2-1/2-year-old son of Preston and Jean Parks Souders of Mc- Connellsburg, was instantly killed on Saturday when he fell from his parents’ car onto the highway and was run over by a bus. The accident happened five miles north of Mc- Connellsburg.

Deaths: Mrs. William Reisner of Hagerstown; Mrs. John A. Foreman of Fort Littleton; Mrs. Margaret Long Sipes of Hustontown; Mrs. John Worthington of Dry Run.

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